Volume III
CDs and Soundtracks
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Release date: 2015-03-01
Region: USA
Artist: Dj CUTMAN
Arranged by: Dj CUTMAN
Format: Digital
Total length: 1:28:36
Website: GameChops.com, djcutman.com

Volume III


Track list

1)A Great Chasm (Bravely Default)Bravely Default2:57
2)Strike the Earth ft. Kevin Villecco (Shovel Knight)Shovel Knight3:59
3)Trip to the Tropics (StarTropics)StarTropics2:30
4)3D Hip Hop (Super Mario 3D World)Super Mario 3D World2:47
5)The Checkered Green Yonder (Space Harrier)Space Harrier2:29
6)Let's Jam Some Wind! (Wind Jammers)Wind Jammers2:31
7)Color Dungeon (Link's Awakening)The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening1:52
8)Relaxing in Nature (Donkey Kong Country 2)Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest2:41
9)5PM (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)Animal Crossing: New Leaf2:08
10)3D Beach Party (3D World)Super Mario 3D World3:43
11)Horizon (Bravely Default)Bravely Default3:05
12)Electrical (Socket)Socket2:18
13)Endless Groove (Sonic 3)Sonic the Hedgehog 33:09
14)Jawn Doe ft. An0va (Gimmick)Gimmick1:54
15)Snow Drift (Double Dash)Mario Kart: Double Dash!!2:08
16)Horrible Humanoid Cat Creatures (Cheetahmen)Cheetahmen3:15
17)Zelda's House (Link Between Worlds)The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds3:00
18)Restoring Norende (Bravely Default)Bravely Default2:34
19)T-Bird (Battletoads)Battletoads2:20
20)Ocean Soul (Kirby)Kirby series2:16
21)Rise and Shine (Lufia II)Lufia II2:51
22)Another World ft. Deeceem (Chrono Cross)Chrono Cross3:08
23)Sky Chase (Sonic 2)Sonic the Hedgehog 22:13
24)Stardust Garage (Sonic CD)Sonic CD1:50
25)Kapp'n Lat'n (New Leaf)Animal Crossing: New Leaf2:38
26)Past My Bedtime (Animal Crossing)Animal Crossing3:34
27)Enjoy Your Stay (Earthbound)Earthbound1:06
28)Blades of Power (Powerblade)Powerblade2:39
29)Fourty Eight Hours (Super Mario 2)Super Mario Bros. 21:25
30)Goodnight, My Friends (Pokemon)Pokemon series2:20
31)Red Soil Redux (Super Metroid)Super Metroid1:42
32)The First and Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy I)Final Fantasy2:20
33)A Hallow Moon (Bravely Default)Bravely Default3:39