Donkey Kong Returns Original Sound Track
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Publisher: Nintendo
Catalog #: N/A
Release date: 2011-05-24
Region: Japan
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 50:26

Donkey Kong Returns Original Sound Track


Track list

01)Donkey Kong Returns1:36
02)Donkey Kong Island1:15
03)The Tiki Tribe Appears!1:15
04)Banana Jungle2:36
05)Bonus Stage 20:54
06)Paku Paku Panic2:09
07)Cranky Kong's Shop1:17
08)Sunset Coast2:23
09)Big Jumps in the Cart!2:08
10)Lift Beach2:55
11)Storm Beach2:13
12)Barrel Cannon Maze2:02
13)Stu, the Eerie Bird1:25
14)Mogurya Construction Site1:25
15)Pine Forest1:42
16)Flying Tiki Dollies2:08
17)Mangoruby, the Mysterious Chaser2:10
18)Lift-and-Lower Floor Valley1:59
19)Conveyor Smasher2:47
20)Thrill! Gear Flight1:26
21)Rock 'n' Rolling1:56
22)Robo Master Doctor Chicken2:06
23)Fire Castle2:19
24)Tiki Tong's Theme2:43
25)Ending Staff Roll3:37