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Album info
Release date: 2012-10-10
Region: USA
Artist: Darkman007
Arranged by: Darkman007
Performed by: Darkman007
Format: Digital
Total length: 83:00


Track list

1)Barbarian II (zx) - Title ThemeBarbarian II3:26
2)Alien 3 (nes) - Title ThemeAlien 34:11
3)Battletoads (snes+nes) - Title Screen + some themes from snesBattletoads3:59
4)Blowing (SID) - original by S0ren LundBlowing3:27
5)Chip & Dale - Main ThemeChip & Dale3:23
6)Comix Zone - Episode 1, Page 1-1Comix Zone3:38
7)Comix Zone - Episode 1, Page 2-2Comix Zone2:45
8)Comix Zone - Title ScreenComix Zone0:21
9)Contra Force (nes) - Some ThemesContra Force6:34
10)Duke Nukem - Grabbag (remastered)Duke Nukem4:28
11)Duke Nukem - GrabbagDuke Nukem2:38
12)F-19 Stealth Fighter (zx) - Main ThemeF-19 Stealth Fighter3:44
13)H.A.T.E.(zx) - Main ThemeH.A.T.E.2:38
14)Maximum Carnage (gens) - Streets of New YorkMaximum Carnage1:50
15)Maximum Carnage (gens) - Title ThemeMaximum Carnage1:12
16)Mission Impossible (nes) - Level 2Mission Impossible1:18
17)Mission Impossible (nes) - Some ThemesMission Impossible5:13
18)Redzone (gens) - DatarumRedzone4:46
19)Robocop 3 (nes) - Main Theme (remastered)Robocop 34:51
20)Savage part One (zx) - Main ThemeSavage part One3:16
21)Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge (snes) - TittleSpider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge1:54
22)Super Mario - 01 - Overworld (nes)Super Mario Bros.1:54
23)Super Mario - 02 - Dungeon (nes)Super Mario Bros.2:04
24)TMNT (nes) - BGM1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2:16
25)Vectorman (gens) - Level 1Vectorman3:27
26)Virtua Fighter (dreamcast) REMASTERED - Theme from Game-TrailerVirtua Fighter1:48
27)Zen Ninja - Oil Rig Stage (nes)Zen Ninja1:59