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Publisher: Disco del Toro Records
Release date: 2000-??-??
Region: Canada
Composed by: Various
Format: CD
Discs: 1



Recorded on October 20, 2000, FlashBack is a compilation of "children's songs" redone by various Canadian bands. Track 2, "Super Mario Bros.," is yet another instance of a band covering Mario themes! Redcore starts off with the Super Mario Bros. main theme, with well-timed sound effects from SMB sprinkled throughout. Next, the band lays down an excellent heavy version of the SMB underground theme. After flowing into a few repetitions of the SMB Starman theme, the song comes full circle, ending with about a half-minute reprise of the SMB main theme.

Track list

01)City of Gold (performed by Overbass)
02)Super Mario Bros. (performed by Redcore)3:41
03)Flintstones (performed by Subb)
04)Star Blazer (performed by The Planet Smashers)
05)Captain Scarlett (performed by Voivod)
06)Captain Flame (performed by Vulgar Deli)
07)Inspecteur Gadget (performed by Colectivo)
08)Sesame Street (performed by Raid)
09)Transformers (performed by Ghoulunatics)
10)La Nuit (performed by Kaleidoscopik View)
11)Bed Rock Twitch (performed by Kingpins)
12)Goldorak (performed by Obliveon)
13)Bobino (performed by Arseniq 33)
14)Bang Bang Lucky Luke (performed by June)