Mario Party 3 Original Soundtrack
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Publisher: Enterbrain
Catalog #: GACR-3004/5
Release date: 2001-03-31
Region: Japan
Composed by: Ichiro Shimakura
Format: CD
Discs: 2
Total length: 40:59,41:03

Mario Party 3 Original Soundtrack


Clocking in at 82 minutes 2 seconds, Mario Party 3 OST is a bit too long to fit on one CD.

Track list

Disc 1
01)Opening Demo1:46
02)Title Screen0:26
03)File Select1:02
04)The Castle Square1:25
05)Staff Roll3:18
06)Inside the Castle1:08
07)Free Play Room1:28
09)Preparation for Adventure0:55
10)Rule Map1:00
11)The Beginning of the Adventure1:33
12)The End of the Adventure1:17
13)Start the Minigame0:53
14)The Star is This Way0:36
15)We're Still Going1:18
16)Minigame Ending 11:03
17)Minigame Ending 20:32
18)Minigame Ending 30:32
19)Commence Attack0:33
20)Chilly-Chilly Lake2:14
21)Bubble-Bubble Ocean2:09
22)Hot-Hot Desert2:06
23)Round-'n'-Round Forest2:32
24)Pitter-Patter Cave2:01
25)Waluigi Tower1:57
26)Do Your Best, Everyone!1:38
27)A Winner is Me!2:16
28)A Winner is ME!1:52
Disc 2
01)Idiot Koopa0:42
02)Koopa Event!1:18
03)Bring it On!0:55
04)Waluigi Appears!1:23
05)VS Millennium Star!0:37
07)You Lost...0:59
08)Taking Aim1:02
09)Hurry Up and Go!1:11
10)In a Bi-i-g Hurry1:22
11)Determined Heart1:12
12)Do You Get It?1:21
13)Let's Bust Out of Here1:25
14)Head for the Front1:09
15)Big Trouble!1:20
16)What Should We Do?!1:30
17)Don't Be So Hasty1:26
18)Let's Tread Lightly...1:31
19)Come On, Chop-Chop!1:24
20)Prologue 11:01
21)Prologue 21:05
22)Prologue 31:05
23)Mushroom Wizard's Theme0:40
24)Mushroom Witch's Theme0:44
25)Battle Start0:38
26)Bang Out a Drum Intro0:09
27)Bang Out a Drum Fill0:07
28)Title unknown2:10
29)Chance Minigame0:49
30)Jumble Minigame0:56
31)Item Minigame1:01
32)Power-Up Mushroom!0:31
33)Gambling Victory!0:35
34)Gambling Defeat...0:37
35)Heiho Dance0:27
36)Drum Roll0:11
37)Sound Config (Inside Mushroom Castle)1:04
38)Battle Room0:35
39)Gamble Room0:40
41)Tension Drums0:14
42)Multiplayer Play - One Winner is Determined0:05
43)Multiplayer Play - Multiple Winners are Determined0:05
44)Duel Minigame - One Winner is Determined0:05
45)Get Item0:05
46)A New Record0:05
49)Race Start Fanfare0:05
50)Map Title0:06
51)Get Star0:05
52)Gambling Minigame Double Up - Obtain Privilege0:05
53)Gambling Minigame Failure!0:05
54)Star Stamp0:05
55)Gambling Minigame Success!0:05