GameChops Vol. 1
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Release date: 2011-01-13
Region: USA
Artist: Dj CUTMAN
Arranged by: Dj CUTMAN
Format: Digital
Total length: 61:21

GameChops Vol. 1


Track list

01)Stay Conscious (Requiem) [Final Fantasy III]Final Fantasy III2:14
02)Opening [MegaMan VI]MegaMan VI1:55
03)NinjaMode 1 [Ninja Gaiden]Ninja Gaiden2:04
04)BITGEN10 [Dr. Mario]Dr. Mario1:40
05)BITGEN08 [Chrono Trigger]Chrono Trigger1:35
06)Invincible ft. DJ Baroquen [Final Fantasy III]Final Fantasy III1:34
07)NinjaMode 2 [Ninja Gaiden]Ninja Gaiden1:14
08)BITGEN03 [Super Mario Bros. 3]Super Mario Bros. 30:51
09)Adventure in Twoson [Earthbound]Earthbound2:31
10)Gangsters in Arms [Halo]Halo2:40
11)Turks Killed My Parents and Stole my Bird [Final Fantasy VII]Final Fantasy VII2:43
12)Comix Zone Rocks! [Comix Zone]Comix Zone2:46
13)The Dark Rocks! [Final Fantasy III]Final Fantasy III1:42
14)BITGEN06 [Super Mario Land]Super Mario Land2:14
15)BITGEN07 [Super Mario Land]Super Mario Land1:41
16)BITGEN05 [Chrono Trigger]Chrono Trigger2:08
17)Dirty Shamless [Chrono Trigger]Chrono Trigger1:04
18)NinjaMode 2 [Ninja Gaiden]Ninja Gaiden1:12
19)Blood Code [Mortal Kombat]Mortal Kombat2:19
20)Blood Hedgehog [Sonic The Hedgehog 2]Sonic The Hedgehog 22:17
21)BITGEN04 [Chrono Trigger]Chrono Trigger1:20
22)NinjaMode 3 [Ninja Gaiden]Ninja Gaiden1:19
23)BITGEN12 (MegaMan VI)Mega Man VI1:01
24)BITGEN09 [Super Mario Bros. 3]Super Mario Bros. 30:37
25)BITGEN14 [Final Fantasy]Final Fantasy2:27
26)Sleepytime Mind [Final Fantasy VIII]Final Fantasy VIII2:38
27)NinjaMode 7 [Ninja Gaiden]Ninja Gaiden2:09
28)NinjaMode 5 [Ninja Gaiden]Ninja Gaiden2:33
29)SECRET TRACK-NinjaMode60:43
30)SECRET TRACK-NewNew (ft. MoneyMars)0:49
31)SECRET TRACK-Goon Ball3:25
33)SECRET TRACK-Forget About Dre2:39