Gromix Collection #3
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Release date: 2006
Region: France
Artist: Grospixels (Jean-Christian Verdez, Olivier Tamagna, Laurent Roucairol)
Arranged by: Grospixels (Jean-Christian Verdez, Olivier Tamagna, Laurent Roucairol)
Format: Digital
Total length: 76:53

Gromix Collection #3


Track list

01)Final Fantasy 1 (Battle)Final Fantasy2:00
02)Gargoyle's Quest (Overworld)Gargoyle's Quest3:11
03)Vampire Killer, Level 3 (Wicked Child)Vampire Killer3:12
04)Pocky & Rocky 2 (Dragon Ride)Pocky & Rocky 22:21
05)Out Run (Last Wave)Outrun1:20
06)Rush'n'Attack / Green Beret (NES version theme)Rush 'n Attack2:25
07)Xenon 2 (Megablast)Xenon 24:07
08)The Secret of Monkey Island (Main Theme)The Secret of Monkey Island2:29
09)Gauntlet (NES version theme)Gauntlet2:29
10)Bubsy (Main theme)Bubsy2:59
11)Blaster Master (Stage 1)Blaster Master2:47
12)Donkey Kong Country (Coral Capers)Donkey Kong Country3:19
13)Legend of FaerghailLegend of Faerghail3:12
14)Silent Hill 1 (Theme)Silent Hill3:10
15)Biker Mice from Mars (Level 1)Biker Mice from Mars2:18
16)Sonic Chaos (Final boss)Sonic Chaos2:30
17)Metroid (Kraid's Hideout)Metroid3:39
18)Halo (theme)Halo5:48
19)Super Mario Bros 2 (Overworld)Super Mario Bros. 24:11
20)Axelay (Level 1)Axelay5:02
21)Mega Man X (Boomer Kuwanger's Stage)Mega Man X3:39
22)The Great Gianna Sisters (Level 1)The Great Gianna Sisters2:58
23)Final Fantasy 6 (Celes)Final Fantasy VI4:03
24)Batman NES (Streets of Desolation)Batman4:03