GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1
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Release date: 2016-03-30
Region: USA
Artist: GilvaSunner
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Format: Digital
Total length: 622:35

GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1


Track list

1)The channel ytp4life lost6:12
2)Katamari on the Memes5:55
3)Shake It Flat (GiIvaSunner Mix)Super Smash Bros. Brawl4:23
4)Sir Duke's BattlefieldSuper Mario 642:54
5)The King of Castelia Saxamaphones2:29
6)Flintstory (Main Theme)1:37
7)The Flintstones: School idol festival0:52
8)Big Shell Inc.1:36
10)Bane Eater2:54
11)Leaked Title Theme To Paper Mario: Color SplashPaper Mario: Sticker Star3:09
12)Don't worry : [B/W] ver.3:58
13)Nigra's Love Song1:17
14)Grand Dad's Secret SlideSuper Mario 642:40
15)Professor Blumenkranz [Redux]3:49
16)This moon can't crash fast enoughLegend of Zelda: Majora's Mask1:28
17)Chemical Dynablade Galleon Zone1:30
18)Swiggity Jelly2:57
19)Beware Of The Forest Mush-RoomSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 2:51
20)Gerudo CountdownLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time1:46
21)A Wild Fred Flintstone Appeared!0:55
22)Bad Opple!!1:24
23)Respect Your Elders (20X-Mix)Super Smash Bros. Melee2:32
24)Drawn Dad1:22
25)Paper Mario 2 - Everyone's Main MenuPaper Mario: The Ten-Thousand Year Door2:17
26)Avicii Dog2:33
27)Boo Lucky Fever5:30
29)Outset Ripper1:28
30)Straight Outta Tokyo-to1:27
32)Stone Machine1:46
33)Everyone's Emerald Hill (Everyone vs Sonic + B*Witched1:33
34)Thinkin Bout Claus3:58
35)The Grand Dad Who Sold The World5:38
36)Big Octagon Boys5:17
38)Zanza LaBeouf4:10
39)Circuit of Love3:59
40)Interior Subspace AlligatorSuper Smash Bros. Brawl2:05
41)Tomodachi Life - Staff Roll (Cryptrik Remix)2:51
42)The 7k dad lost3:15
43)We Love Burning Town - Feat. A Burning Town1:48
44)Animal Boy1:26
45)Death by Lucky Strike4:26
46)Team Rocket's Persona1:49
49)A Dad's Grand Funeral ~ Necro Flintstonesy7:10
50)Luma's Space Oddity (Cryptrik's Re-Meme)Super Mario Galaxy5:34
51)Bonetrouslegraph Ave. [Redux]3:09
52)Gangnam Gangnam Yukai3:32
53)Kirby Keeps His Mind Right0:53
54)Brawlin' The Bassline1:21
55)Metal Gear Renaising4:13
56)Grand Dadlovania0:48
57)Hotdad Grandami4:19
58)Blocked in America2:38
59)Morphogenetic Swag5:53
61)Emerald Hill (not the one from Sonic 2)1:55
62)Fly Me To The Streets1:23
63)Yell "Dad Cell"0:30
66)Hotel Dad Goes Forth!Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Hotel Mario
67)Source Missile0:56
68)Mean Beastie Machine2:40
69)Happy Song Sing Along1:38
70)Time Machine To The Stone Age3:08
71)Jun Senoue Exposed1:17
72)Ace Attorney vs Everyone - Aaron's Legal Party1:45
73)F--KBEES GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy2:37
74)Cheap Cheap Chicken Guest Stars on Cooking With A Killer Robot1:01
75)Nigra Country Opening ClimaxDonkey Kong Country0:08
76)Overture to the Grand Overworld1:50
77)Some Pokémon song I can put the Flintstones theme in so we can act like it was leaked from a Sun and Moon trailer after they got leaked0:41
78)Jimmy Grandtron1:57
79)Black tar : [B/W] ver.3:02
80)Beloved Unfounded Bonetrousle1:31
82)2 Pilots 1 Arwing1:02
83)A Grand Dad is a Grand Dad, you can't say it's only a halfSuper Mario 641:16
84)Haunted Dad Act 11:35
85)Interior Gourmet Aliracer1:26
86)Cagayake Resort! (DS)4:10
87)Super Mos Eisley WorldSuper Mario World1:22
88)Dr. SouljaSuper Smash Bros. Melee1:25
89)009 Dreamland2:19
90)Mrs. Thwomp BattleMario & Luigi: Partners in Time2:16
91)Pokémon Grand 2 and Dad 2: Electric Gym0:42
92)Love Me Some Hume Females1:06
93)SyobonMen Theme5:01
94)Cha La HE Cha La2:37
96)Real Grand Dad Hours2:03
97)Not the Azu nyan You Were Hoping2:20
98)That Dad's Name Is2:54
99)A Troublesome Bomb Over Baghdad3:31
100)Bang There, Bang On3:25
101)679 Kill Chop Deluxe3:12
102)Professor G. Dadd (Rappin' For Boolossus)Luigi's Mansion2:19
103)Turn Down for Dating4:05
104)Dad's Practice!0:48
105)Bloopa's RoadSuper Mario 644:40
106)Vibri Goes To Jail2:27
107)Athletic DoctorSuper Mario World1:46
108)Breeze Me To Life1:40
109)Green Hill Zone Classic - Sonic Generations Remix2:57
110)This Isn't Funny Anymore1:28
111)Downtown Bass3:21
112)Grand Dads With Glamourous Guitars3:57
113)Sonic Boom [FM Arrange]1:28
115)Sista' Rippa'1:37
116)Space Ruser1:18
117)Walk The Bread MonsterSuper Mario Bros.: The Movie1:34
118)Top of the Night to Ya!3:51
119)Foliage Flintstones2:22
120)Bonfire On The Skydeck A Go Go!0:50
121)DumMyX Gonna Give It To Ya2:22
122)Punch-Out Crusaders2:58
123)Hey Luigi, play the SaxHotel Mario0:42
124)Everyone's Minute to Win It! (Everyone vs. Wreck It Ralph)1:08
125)I'm Never Gonna Flood A Landmass Again2:19
126)Grand Dad IN SPACE3:32
127)Silver Learn2:27
128)Metallic DadSuper Mario 640:57
129)Honeysquare Highway3:40
130)Kirby's Booty Massacre Medley (Kirby Ass Attack)6:10
131)Surrounding Courts2:37
132)SAVE THE LANDSuper Mario Land0:26
133)Name These Grand Children1:17
134)12 Transparent Bricks3:41
135)Mashup Heaven - Soundclown 103:43
136)Pokémon Conquest and Birthwhite1:50
137)Chun Li Visits Africa3:03
138)G r a n d D a d 「フリントの石」1:47
139)Donkey Kong Sr.Donkey Kong Country1:56
140)Last Grand Goodbye2:20
141)Nuclear Winter4:19
143)Just the Planet Eudora3:09
144)Star Burner2:45
145)Ziggy Stardust WorldSuper Mario World4:53
146)Alright, we're here, just ripping in the car1:31
147)This Time I Got 12 Rocks2:14
148)Destruction FunkDance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix1:45
150)Song of the Minions (Despicabola)3:05
151)Super Mario Shrekshine: All Secret CourseSuper Mario Sunshine1:29
152)Toasty Rips1:21
153)I've Lost Control of Myself (Thanks to All the Slicers)1:48
154)The Grand Horse Race1:27
155)Friendius - Nightmare King0:55
156)Pac-Man's Going to Make Your Bedrock (Thanks, Hanna-Barbera)2:44
157)Miror B. Goes to the Flea Market1:54
158)It's Called A RoadMario Kart: Double Dash!!1:26
159)Delfino NigraSuper Mario Sunshine3:02
160)When the great fairy gives you energy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)1:15
161)GrandlandsYoshi's Island DS2:56
162)Ayla's Fanfare0:44
163)Boss N9ne4:35
164)Cooking Nigra0:41
165)Military On The Max-Phantom2:30
166)Vibri shows her true colors1:17
167)fLYNNEstone - A Targeted Grand Dad1:14
168)Link's About to Meet the Deku Tree0:57
169)Chuck E. Cheese for my EarthBound1:40
170)Dogbass (Extended Mix)0:56
171)Dog Chase Zone1:27
172)Yoshi SorrySuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island1:38
173)An All-Around Unpleasant ExperienceSuper Mario Kart0:56
174)Flip Stylo GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy 24:24
176)ClocksTown: Day One6:42
177)smooooch d∀d1:57
178)Snow Route Halation1:47
179)Terry Wad Hut2:50
180)That song that plays when you give the statue an umbrella1:12
181)Before my body is dry : [B/W] ver.4:06
183)Jolly Soulja BaySuper Mario 643:02
184)Yoshi Touch & EdYoshi Touch & Go0:36
185)Ashley's Fresher Than YouSuper Smash Bros. Brawl3:47
186)Edgy Edgy Shadowness3:50
187)Goldenrod's SlateCucc District2:22
189)Bootleg Time1:44
191)Redial On Me1:58
192)In which Nape f--ks around with midis to experimentSuper Mario 64 DS1:25
193)Rickrollin' (Ongaku Concept Outro) 16-bit Remix1:45
194)K.K. Wonderwall3:49
196)Grand Park3:09
197)West City F--ks2:18
198)☆ESPERANTOゲッダン☆[Rockman Zero]1:06
199)Completely Isolated1:20
200)Double Fireflies2:02
201)WITCH HILL ZONE: CONTRACT 1 (Genesis Version)1:29
202)At Doom's Gate but it never ends3:43
203)U.N. Owen Was Grand Dad?2:05
204)March Ahead (Soundclown Edition)Paper Mario2:04
205)Ware Wa Maverick Nari Ahahaha1:06
206)Wii Cuica Channel0:29
207)Dread of the Hoop6:03
208)Hotline Dusk - Monobling1:16
209)Old School Knuckles0:53
210)Final Soundclown DestinationSuper Smash Bros. Brawl2:55
211)Duke Halation2:15
212)No halation, No poporoN1:32
213)Cryptrik Castle2:46
214)Fishy Half-Time3:18
215)Crash Grandicoot1:23
216)Lying Grandly (Variation)3:17
217)Song That Might Play When You Fight Sens1:57
218)Sharivan Roost Island3:04
219)Bowser Wins A Lonely HeartSuper Mario Kart1:03
220)King MJ's Theme1:39
221)Grandle Dadble1:37
222)Fly in the Summer5:09
223)Stunt Rally Desertertertertertertertertertert0:48
224)Grand Theft Dad 73:31
225)Chip the High Quality Ripper1:40
226)Live and Ooooooooooooooh4:30
227)This Act Contains Boss1:04
228)Kawaii Memes WorldSuper Mario World1:25
229)Mango Kart Daler DashMario Kart: Double Dash!!1:52
230)Grandtilda's Lair2:04
231)The Grand City of Fourside1:54
232)Gerudo Folks3:34
233)Mother Father Sherbet LandMario Kart: Double Dash!!2:48
234)Nascour Battle2:01
235)The Eyyygent Come Op at Psyght1:29
236)B---h You Ketchum2:14
237)Crashing Mad17:40
238)The Fake Trio3:24
239)gR@ND-Man's World Metro-Cross - Start2:12
240)Mokey's Speedway Africa1:10
241)High Quality Rip0:03
242)Dankim Battle4:20
243)Grand Dad Metropolis3:36
244)Wisp Halation2:54
245)The GiIvaSunner Staff Roll6:00