Best of Hyde209 Vol. 4
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Release date: 2014-06-27
Region: Sweden
Arranged by: Hyde209
Performed by: Hyde209
Format: Digital
Total length: 1:11:52

Release date: 2016-01-06
Region: Sweden
Artist: Hyde209
Arranged by: Hyde209
Performed by: Hyde209
Format: Digital
Total length: 1:11:52


Track list

1)Sundown in Area 5 (Bionic Commando)Bionic Commando4:13
1)999 Ghosts (Adventure in the Magic Kingdom)Adventure in the Magic Kingdom3:04
2)Search for the Hover Module (Blaster Master)Blaster Master4:06
2)Boulder Rock (Aladdin)Aladdin3:47
3)Water Temple (Castle of Illusion)Castle of Illusion3:43
3)Mako Energy For Everyone (Final Fantasy VII)Final Fantasy VII5:27
4)All Gears Goes (CastleVania Portrait of Ruin)Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin3:56
4)Fear the Beast Within (Final Fantasy VIII)Final Fantasy VIII4:57
5)Fall of the Red Falcon (Contra)Contra3:42
5)Through the Dark (Insanity's Blade)Insanity's Blade3:06
6)Mean City Streets (Dick Tracy)Dick Tracy3:07
6)The Forgotten Path (Jim Power) ft. Rex Banter ProjectJim Power3:56
7)Spooky Manor (DuckTales)DuckTales3:29
7)Graves at Highgate (NIghtmare Creatures)NIghtmare Creatures4:40
8)I am Jenova (Final Fantasy VII)Final Fantasy VII4:03
8)Thesaurus Maximus (P.P. Hammer)P.P. Hammer4:12
9)Crystal Forest (Ghouls 'n Ghosts)Ghouls 'n Ghosts3:31
9)Within the Witch's Forest (Puggsy)Puggsy4:26
10)Hall of Damned Souls (Ghouls 'n Ghosts)Ghouls 'n Ghosts4:22
10)Desierto de México (Quackshot)Quackshot3:49
11)Ventilation Liberation (Gremlins 2)Gremlins 22:53
11)Mos Eisley Remix (Star Wars)Star Wars3:05
12)Mountain Pass (Ninja Gaiden)Ninja Gaiden3:32
12)Come Out and Play (Spider-Man)Spider-Man3:19
13)Clan of the Blue Lobster (Revenge of Shinobi)Revenge of Shinobi3:40
13)Sequin Oom-Pah (Shantae and the Pirate's Curse)Shantae and the Pirate's Curse3:07
14)Hall of Secrets (Robowarrior)Robowarrior3:10
14)Long Dark Cellar (Super CastleVania IV)Super Castlevania IV3:52
15)Sewer Rock (Shadow of the Ninja)Shadow of the Ninja2:59
15)Dark Lord Dracula (Super CastleVania IV)Super Castlevania IV5:18
16)The Gatekeeper (Shadowgate)Shadowgate3:40
16)Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Boo (Super Mario 64)Super Mario 643:15
17)Egg Rocket (Sonic Advance)Sonic Advance3:18
17)Lady Razor (Tenchu Fatal Shadows)Tenchu Fatal Shadows3:27
18)Sizzling Sand (Super Mario Bros 2)Super Mario Bros. 23:08
18)Neon Gidans Armada (Truxton)Truxton4:02
19)Out of the Woods (Wario Land 2)Wario Land 23:13
19)Bee Plus Sting (Wonder Boy 3 Monster Lair)Wonder Boy 3 Monster Lair4:04
20)Temple of En Sabah Nur (X-Men 2 Clone Wars)X-Men 2: Clone Wars4:09
20)The Devil Inside Me (Tekken 2)Tekken 25:28