Hyde209 Vol 5.
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Release date: 2015-01-09
Region: Sweden
Artist: Hyde209
Arranged by: Hyde209
Performed by: Hyde209
Format: Digital
Total length: 75:39:00
Website: hyde209.bandcamp.com

Hyde209 Vol 5.


Track list

1)We are Busters! (Alien Storm)Alien Storm4:26
2)I'm Batman (Batman)Batman4:09
3)Saving Our Planet is Yes a Good Thing (Captain Planet)Captain Planet3:26
4)Somewhere Under the Rainbow Cemetary (CastleVania Symphony of the Night)Castlevania: Symphony of the Night4:50
5)Lockjaw Stock and Barrel (Donkey Kong Country 2)Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest4:39
6)The Incantation (Escape Goat 2)Escape Goat 23:35
7)Through the Devil's Laboratory (Final Fantasy VI) Featuring KGSFinal Fantasy VI4:40
8)Gremlin Civilization (Gremlins 2)Gremlins 24:04
9)Level 2 (Kabuki Quantum Fighter)Kabuki Quantum Fighter2:51
10)Angels of Disco (Kid Icarus)Kid Icarus4:24
11)These Boots are Made for Walking (Underwater) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time3:35
12)Turn to Dust (Mega Man IV)Mega Man IV3:15
13)Lonesome Ghost (Mickey Mania)Mickey Mania3:27
14)Place of Dread (Monster Bash)Monster Bash4:00
15)Sol Solis Quod Ex (Moonstone)Moonstone3:16
16)Do the Key (Solomon's Key)Solomon’s Key3:40
17)Hong Kong Detective (Tekken 2)Tekken 24:09
18)Leader of the Manji Clan (Tekken 2)Tekken 24:17
19)Sometimes I'm a Man (Werewolf the Last Warrior)Werewolf: The Last Warrior0:58
20)Bubble in the Deep (World of Illusion)World of Illusion4:05