Hyde209 Vol 9.
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Release date: 2019-12-29
Region: Sweden
Artist: Hyde209
Arranged by: Hyde209
Performed by: Hyde209
Format: Digital
Total length: 96:47:00
Website: hyde209.bandcamp.com

Hyde209 Vol 9.


Track list

1)Mystery of the Pyramids (Puggsy)Puggsy3:35
2)Forest of Fear (Castle of Illusion)Castle of Illusion3:55
3)Gold Clad Ruins (Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon)Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon3:43
4)Evil Within (CastleVania II Simon's Quest)Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest4:57
5)Creepy Mansion (Donald Duck in Maui Mallard)Maui Mallard3:53
6)Slayer of Dragons (Legend of Galahad)Legend of Galahad3:55
7)For Close Encounters (Aliens Infestation)Aliens: Infestation3:51
8)Back Alley Hold-up (Dick Tracy)Dick Tracy3:29
9)Hit 'em Head-on (Contra Hard Corps)Contra Hard Corps4:09
10)Apes in a Temple (Donkey Kong Country Returns)Donkey Kong Country Returns3:10
11)Get Down Gorgon (Phantasy Star)Phantasy Star3:51
12)Into the Depths (Phelios)Phelios3:42
13)Pyramid Patchwork (Kirby's Epic Yarn)Kirby’s Epic Yarn3:42
14)Lords of Maboots (Rod Land)Rod Land3:17
15)Spirit of the Athlete (Track & Field II)Track & Field II4:01
16)Down Below (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves)Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves4:10
17)Cold Dark Stone (Shadow of the Beast)Shadow of the Beast3:38
18)Stadium for Violence (Tekken)Tekken3:41
19)Tear of the Sphinx (Quackshot)Quackshot3:37
20)Bar Full of Scum (Secret of Monkey Island)The Secret of Monkey Island3:59
21)Bend But Don't Break (The Messenger)The Messenger3:55
22)Forest Rip Trip (Trip World)Trip World3:42
23)For the Alliance (Warcraft II)Warcraft II5:10
24)Lady of the Storm (Virtua Fighter 2)Virtua Fighter 23:14
25)Frozen Flame (Super Mario Galaxy)Super Mario Galaxy4:39