Harmony of Heroes
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Release date: 2014-10-04
Region: USA
Artist: Various
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Format: Digital
Total length: 446:02
Website: harmonyofheroes.com


Track list

1)Challenger ApproachingSuper Smash Bros.4:27
2)Sunset at Mushroom CastleSuper Mario Bros.3:18
3)Stroll through the Mushroom WorldSuper Mario World4:02
4)Sad UndergroundSuper Mario Bros.2:56
5)A Twisted CarouselSuper Mario Land
Super Mario World
6)Shining Path4:44
7)Cleanse the SunSuper Mario Sunshine5:02
8)Who Will Win the Race?Super Mario Kart4:33
9)Baffle BallMario Kart DS4:07
10)A Vivid Cruise to the FinishMario Kart DS4:41
11)Bros. before GhostsLuigi's Mansion4:11
12)Jungle SwingDonkey Kong Country5:14
13)Rhythm of the KongDonkey Kong Country2:30
14)A K.Rool Pub CrawlDonkey Kong Country3:31
15)Rush of the RainforestDonkey Kong Country series7:11
16)Kong KollektiveDonkey Kong 643:28
17)High Roller's CastleThe Legend of Zelda series3:37
18)El Pájaro es la PalabraThe Legend of Zelda series4:52
19)Behind Pillars of MarbleThe Legend of Zelda series6:16
20)Wind in the SailThe Legend of Zelda series3:20
21)Mirror of TwilightThe Legend of Zelda series4:55
22)Cucco Revenge SquadThe Legend of Zelda series4:52
23)Saria's Fairy-Go-RoundThe Legend of Zelda series4:04
24)Beyond the ChasmThe Legend of Zelda series6:56
25)Tal Tal RangerThe Legend of Zelda series2:45
26)Tune of TempestsThe Legend of Zelda series4:33
27)Mechanical SteedThe Legend of Zelda series4:59
28)Dark HorizonsThe Legend of Zelda series5:00
29)There's No Metal on ZebesMetroid series3:39
30)The Bounty HunterMetroid series4:23
31)Edge of the LabyrinthMetroid series5:00
32)Echoes From the ShowdownMetroid series5:17
33)Dark IntelligenceMetroid series5:55
34)Chekhov's BeamMetroid series3:48
35)From the DepthsMetroid series9:26
36)Dream BandKirby series2:33
37)Adventures in the Greenest GreensKirby series4:21
38)The Last CakeKirby series2:39
39)The Fall of HalberdKirby series3:02
40)King DedeDnBKirby series4:26
41)Eye of SorrowKirby series5:34
42)Defending CorneriaStar Fox series3:49
43)Watch Your Step Fox!Star Fox series4:06
44)Star Fix: The Expedition into the Dark Beauties of SpaceStar Fox series3:15
45)Space DefenderStar Fox series4:23
46)Space Canines on a PlaneStar Fox series3:36
47)Mega HelixPokemon series3:44
48)Dawn of the JourneyPokemon series4:07
49)Johto BattleMixPokemon series3:33
50)Pondering the Battle WithinPokemon series7:34
51)Mystery Jam at Spear PillarPokemon series4:13
52)Pirate's RoadPokemon series3:55
53)Sabrina's LamentPokemon series4:48
54)Maximum OverdriveF-Zero series4:11
55)Fields of FireF-Zero series2:16
56)Breaking PointF-Zero series3:32
57)Death RaceF-Zero series3:00
58)Anthem of FireFire Emblem series3:34
59)Together, We Ride (to Victory)Fire Emblem series3:00
60)Path of the PrestigousFire Emblem series3:34
61)Super AthleticSuper Mario World1:38
62)Baby Mario MedleySuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island5:21
63)Sunny Side UpYoshi's Story3:46
64)Yoshi's Island ChillYoshi's Story3:25
65)Gift of FlightKid Icarus series3:48
66)Flight of the AngelsKid Icarus series5:52
67)Global NessesityMother (Earthbound) series8:15
68)Bound for HomeMother (Earthbound) series4:17
69)DualityMother (Earthbound) series3:42
70)Pollyanna, I Believe in YouMother (Earthbound) series2:36
71)M.O.T.H.E.R.F.U.o_O.E.R!Mother (Earthbound) series4:31
72)Spring Will Melt Us Back to HomeMother (Earthbound) series3:00
73)Flower Blooms Pseudo-EuphoriaPikmin series5:20
74)Die no UtaPikmin series3:34
75)Waiting for SunrisePikmin series4:53
76)This Is SnakeMetal Gear series7:00
77)Nu Dead CellMetal Gear series6:28
78)Bound for ZanzibarMetal Gear series3:30
79)I'm No HeroMetal Gear series5:24
80)Dr. Mario (Fever)Dr. Mario2:10
81)Full of Hot AirBalloon Fight2:57
82)Bach RiderMach Rider5:25
83)Toss It up Flat OneSuper Smash Bros. Melee4:10
84)Rider the Lightning2:36
85)Jazzicle MountainIce Climber3:34
86)Club Wario, Inc.WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! 5:23
87)After Battle3:31
88)Blue Haired Devil3:57
89)Magical Girls' Live StreamWarioWare: Touched!3:27
90)Pertussis SinustisDr. Mario6:11
91)Building Walls in the ColdTetris4:16
92)Smashin' Through!Super Smash Bros. series3:00
93)Smash SuperstarsSuper Smash Bros. series3:20
94)En GardeSuper Smash Bros. Brawl2:50
95)Last StandSuper Smash Bros. series5:16
96)Live and Let PolygonSuper Smash Bros. series3:47
97)Target BlitzSuper Smash Bros. series4:04
98)SenjõSuper Smash Bros. series3:49
99)KumiteSuper Smash Bros. series4:02
100)Final DestinationSuper Smash Bros. series7:34
101)Harmony of HeroesSuper Smash Bros. series14:03