Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!
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Release date: 2008-05-25
Region: USA
Artist: Various
Composed by: Yoko Shimomura
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Format: Digital
Discs: 3
Total length: 66:32, 62:01, 62:14
Website: gamemusic4all.com/heavytroopa

Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!


Track list

Disc 1
01)Super Pipe House [Nostalgia]1:32
02)Koopa's Castle3:37
03)Oh Yeah4:43
05)Fight Against Monsters3:52
06)Still, the Road is Full of Dangers1:19
07)Invincible Star1:34
08)Hello, Happy Kingdom1:12
09)Cloaca of Croakers (Kero Sewers)4:02
10)Radpole Pond2:21
12)Sad Song1:52
13)The Road is Full of Dangers1:32
14)Let's Play in the Orchestra Pit 'Geno'0:46
15)Geno Awakens3:55
16)Beware The Forest's Mushrooms2:15
17)Rose Town5:31
18)From Inside the Earthen Pipe1:32
19)Let's Race (nU tacK's Pole Position mix)2:53
20)Welcome! Yo'ster Island!!2:25
21)Hard-working Moles are Good Moles3:35
22)Got a Star Piece2:16
23)Flubber Mountain3:40
24)A New Partner0:04
25)Booster Tower5:20
26)Find the Top3:02
27)Waffle Iron Violator (Fight Against a Stronger Monster)1:23
Disc 2
01)Wii Tried1:34
02)Long Long Ago (nU tacK was a raver mix)3:14
03)Heart Beating Faster (nU tacK's Beats r Harder mix)3:05
04)Exquisite Celebration2:43
06)The Starlight's Flower4:34
07)Here's Some Weapons1:19
10)Castle in the Sky3:13
11)Barrel Volcano2:40
12)Axem Rangers Drop In1:20
13)Raving With the Big Bosses3:02
14)Hail Victory!1:08
15)Let's Do The Fooka Fooka (2nite)2:11
16)Conversation with Culex1:46
17)Battle With Culex2:04
18)Break The Fourth Wall4:29
19)Where Am I Going1:31
20)Rekoopa Kickback5:19
21)Bring the Hammer Down (I Am the King)3:26
22)The End6:32
Disc 3
01)Slop[e] w/ Vocals2:02
03)Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles2:18
04)Sad Song1:20
05)Mama Luigi (feat_ Epic-1)1:54
06)Koopa's Castle (first time extended adventure mix)5:04
07)Invincible Star1:22
08)Fighting Bowser Beginning CTKY3:23
09)Fight Against Monsters2:48
10)Mario's Invicible Madness1:17
11)Mystery of the Starry Hills1:46
12)Battle with Bowser2:05
13)Mario & Yoshi - medley3:55
14)Shin P's a Grate Guy2:46
15)100 Fight Monsters1:47
16)Mallow's Theme (Cerebro Desipierto Remix)6:22
17)My Name Is Bukki (Mad Railway Mix)2:54
18)A Conversation With Culex3:10
19)Conversation with Culex (no synth)1:43
20)Valentina (Lo-fi remix)2:26
21)Weapons Factory3:46
23)Scrub the Ground3:02
24)Let's Try1:52