Remember 2 Salute Your Shorts
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Release date: 2010-??-??
Region: USA
Artist: Insert Sacajawea Coin
Arranged by: Insert Sacajawea Coin
Performed by: Insert Sacajawea Coin
Format: Digital
Total length: 73:54:00

Remember 2 Salute Your Shorts


Track list

)Canon in D4:57
)Death Comes From The Skies3:55
)Doki Doki Panic MedleySuper Mario Bros. 211:22
)Mad World(Gary Jules)2:49
)Metroid MedleyMetroid13:27
)Morning Dove10:39
)StarForce medley5:29
)The Kode(b)1:36
)Wolf Moon(Type O Negative)6:40