Acoustic VGM Volume 3
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Release date: 2016-11-04
Region: UK
Artist: Kain White
Arranged by: Kain White
Performed by: Kain White
Format: Digital
Total length: 33:45

Acoustic VGM Volume 3


Track list

1)Amnesia - Back Hall2:25
2)Bastion - Mother I'm Here(Zulf's Theme)2:18
3)Goldeneye 007 - Watch/Pause Theme1:59
4)Luigi's Mansion - Main ThemeLuigi's Mansion2:37
5)Megaman - Bubbleman Theme3:00
6)Mother - Introduction2:45
7)Pokemon R/B/Y Vermilion City2:56
8)Super Metroid - Brinstar Red Soil4:09
9)Transistor - In Circles3:27
10)Transistor - Old Friends2:16
11)Zelda Ocarina of Time - Requiem of Spirit3:07
12)Zelda Ocarina of Time - Serenade of Water2:48
13)Bastion - Build that Wall5:28