Speed Runs 2: Cruise Control
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Release date: 2016-11-08
Region: USA
Artist: Lame Genie
Arranged by: Lame Genie
Performed by: Lame Genie
Format: Digital
Total length: 7:01:00
Website: lamegenie.bandcamp.com

Speed Runs 2: Cruise Control


Track list

1)Burger Time (Main Theme)Burger Time0:15
2)Batman (Life Lost)Batman0:04
3)Beavis and Butthead (Burger World)Beavis and Butthead0:03
4)Resident Evil 2 (Save Room)Resident Evil 20:33
5)Beavis and Butthead (Drive-In)Beavis and Butthead0:02
6)Ghost and Goblins (Game Start)Ghost and Goblins0:06
7)Beavis and Butthead (Gwar Concert)Beavis and Butthead0:06
8)Contra (Game Over)Contra0:09
9)Super Mario RPG (Victory)Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars0:17
10)Beavis and Butthead (Highland Highschool)Beavis and Butthead0:03
11)TMNT (Stage Theme 1)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles0:57
12)Beavis and Butthead (Hospital)Beavis and Butthead0:03
13)Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Stage Clear)Sonic The Hedgehog 20:10
14)Beavis and Butthead (The Streets)Beavis and Butthead0:03
15)Legend Of Zelda (Life Lost)Legend Of Zelda0:04
16)Beavis and Butthead (Turbo Mall)Beavis and Butthead0:04
17)Jaws (Get Ready)Jaws0:10
18)Metroid (Item Discovery and all that jazz)Metroid0:08
19)Final Fantasy VII (Victory Fanfare)Final Fantasy VII0:43
20)Donkey Kong Country (Stage Clear)Donkey Kong Country0:04
21)Joust (Title Theme)Joust0:18
22)Kid Icarus (Grim Reaper)Kid Icarus0:20
23)Undertale (Dogsong)Undertale0:37
24)Kirby's Adventure (Quick Draw Missed)Kirby's Adventure0:07
25)Earthworm Jim (Rodeo Jim)Earthworm Jim0:10
26)Sesame Street 123 (Failed Theme)Sesame Street 1230:05
27)Super Mario 3 (Boss Battle)Super Mario Bros. 30:34
28)Mickey Mousecapades (Stage Start)Mickey Mousecapades0:10
29)Super Mario World (Level Compete)Super Mario World0:11
30)Wizards And Warriors (Low Health)Wizards And Warriors0:11
31)The Terminator (The Sewers)The Terminator0:28
32)Super Mario Bros 2 (Game Over)Super Mario Bros. 20:04