Throwback Nerdsday
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Album info
Release date: 2014-08-12
Region: USA
Artist: Lame Genie
Arranged by: Lame Genie
Performed by: Lame Genie
Format: Digital
Total length: 33:26


Track list

1)Bubble Bobble (Room Theme - Hurry)Bubble Bobble1:27
2)Mario 64 (Bob-omb Battlefield Theme)Super Mario 641:59
3)Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (The Game) (Clash at Demonhead)Scott Pilgrim Vs The World2:07
4)Castlevania II (Bloody Tears)Castlevania II1:28
5)Megaman III (Hardman)Megaman III1:40
6)Maniac Mansion (Dave's Theme)Maniac Mansion2:15
7)Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Pyramid of Fear)Zombies Ate My Neighbors2:15
8)Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Chemical Plant Zone)Sonic The Hedgehog 21:53
9)Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Dr. Robotnik Theme)Sonic The Hedgehog 21:06
10)Rocket Knight Adventures (Stage 1-1 Theme)Rocket Knight Adventures2:25
11)Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Special Stage)Sonic The Hedgehog 32:20
12)Jaws (Main Theme)Jaws0:42
13)Ducktales (Main Theme)Ducktales0:57
14)Tecmo Bowl (Intro Theme)Tecmo Bowl1:05
15)The Legend of Zelda to the Past of TimeZelda series9:46