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Publisher: Loudr
Catalog #: LOUDR-1741
Release date: 2013-12-12
Region: USA
Artist: FamilyJules7x
Arranged by: FamilyJules7x
Performed by: FamilyJules7x
Format: Digital
Total length: 31:20:00



Track list

1)Shiver Star (Kirby 64)Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards3:12
2)Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64)Super Mario 642:55
3)Hailfire Peaks Icy Side (Banjo Tooie)Banjo-Tooie4:01
4)Frappe Snowland (Mario Kart 64)Mario Kart 643:16
5)Snowboard Kids 2 Guitar MedleySnowboard Kids 27:57
6)Another Winter (Scott Pilgrim) Remixed & RemasteredScott Pilgrim3:20
7)Winterbliss (Castle Crashers) Remixed & RemasteredCastle Crashers3:00
8)Diddy Kong Racing Winter Medley Feat. TheDelRe Remixed & RemasteredDiddy Kong Racing3:45