Super Mario Bros. Special
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Publisher: Meldac
Catalog #: MECG-28003
Release date: 1990-04-21
Region: Japan
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 48:27

Super Mario Bros. Special


Yet another strange Japan-only release, this album contains 10 songs, with seven "DJ" tracks forming a little story between the songs. Some songs are original, but the others are set to famous Mario tunes. For example, "Mushroom Kingdom Carnival" is based on the Super Mario Bros. main theme, and "The Brothers' Heart As One" is based on the Super Mario Bros. 3 main theme.

Although the CD was released in Japan only, there are traces of English. During "1-Up Mushroom! Run Away!", the male singer pulls off the English parts extremely well, with no noticable Japanese accent.

The seven "DJ" tracks contain mostly talking -- in Japanese, of course.


  • Mario: Nozomu Sasaki
  • Goomba: Megumi Hayashibara
  • Princess Peach: Maria Kawamura
  • Vocals: Sinichi Ishihara, Yashino Takamori, Kiyoko Itayagoshi, Takahide Inoue, Chika Sakamoto

Track list

01)DJ Part-1 [MP3 sample]
02)The Brothers' Heart As One
03)Learning From the Wind
04)DJ Part-2
05)King Koopa's Hell Bridge
06)DJ Part-3
07)Going Underwater
08)A Light in the Maze
09)DJ Part-4
10)1-Up Mushroom! Run Away! [MP3 sample]
11)Seeing in a Dream
12)DJ Part-5
13)Many Lives in the Game
14)DJ Part-6
15)Chijo ni Orita Seizakyu
16)Mushroom Kingdom Carnival
17)DJ Part-7