Supermariountwirled Ep
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Album info
Catalog #: mtk.mp3.026
Release date: 2000-05-04
Artist: Various
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Format: Digital
Total length: 26:17


Track list

01)Underwater Mario (Illadomermx)1:55
02)Boss Mario (Broken Remix)3:20
03)Bowser Mario (Plumber's Crack Remix)5:01
04)Happy Mario (5am Bugfix Mix)1:23
05)Fanfare Mario (Land of the Drums Remix)2:56
06)Flying Mario (Xllv Remix)3:34
07)Underwater Mario (Prncstdstllinabboystylee Remix)1:35
08)Mario Theme (Miyamotonian Remix)5:01
09)Supermariotwirled EP1:32