More Than Mario
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Album info
Release date: 2006-01-27
Region: USA
Artist: Dale North & Mustin
Composed by: Koji Kondo, Kazumi Totaka, David Wise
Arranged by: Dale North, Mustin, Jared Dunn, po!, Anthony Lofton
Performed by: Dale North, Mustin, Jared Dunn, Greg Kennedy, Rebekah Wood, Chris Serani, Anthony Lofton
Format: CD
Discs: 1


Track list

01)You're In Valley Town2:44
02)I Pikachoose You!2:37
03)Polterfunk 30004:20
04)Sangria Plunger2:42
05)Birdo Cosmo4:23
06)Kawaii Inn2:13
07)Zebes Sunrise2:50
08)Synthetic Ambience5:03
09)Midori Splice2:53
10)Black Russian On the Rocks2:59
11)Koopa Sour4:09
12)Pika Walking2:33
13)Pikachu's Goodbye4:08
14)Windfish Chimes5:22
15)Mario Bay Breeze4:32
16)Love Me All Night Long10:49