Critical Hit: Volume One
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Publisher: Critical Hit
Catalog #: MXJ4909
Release date: 2014-10-31
Region: USA
Artist: Critical Hit
Arranged by: Adam Gubman
Performed by: Critical Hit (Adam Gubman, Carlitos Del Puerto, Salome Scheidegger, David Paich, Joel Taylor, Tina Guo, Taylor Davis, Nita Strauss, Laurence Juber, Pedro Eustache)
Produced by: Jason Hayes
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 44:35:00

Critical Hit: Volume One


Track list

1)Tetris Main Theme (From "Tetris")Tetris3:09
2)Angry Birds Main Theme (From "Angry Birds")Angry Birds2:45
3)Legends of Azeroth (From "World of Warcraft")World of Warcraft3:41
4)Zelda's Lullaby (From "the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time3:37
5)Halo 2 Main Theme (From "Halo 2")Halo 23:52
6)Pokemon Main Theme (From "Pokemon")Pokemon3:32
7)Bowser's Castle (From "Super Mario World")Super Mario World4:06
8)To Zanarkand (From "Final Fantasy X")Final Fantasy X4:05
9)Hikari (From "Kingdom Hearts")Kingdom Hearts4:36
10)Battle for New York (From "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3")Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 34:12
11)Streets of Whiterun (From "the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim")Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim3:55
12)Sons of Liberty (From "Mgs2")Metal Gear Solid 22:53