The Mystical Age of Snes
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Album info
Release date: 2011-11-15
Region: Chile
Artist: Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project
Arranged by: Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project
Performed by: Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project
Format: Digital
Total length: 23:46


Track list

01)Intro - The Kong Quest(DK Country2)Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest1:20
02)Madness And Danger In The Mine(DK Country)Donkey Kong Country1:30
03)Victory(StarFox)Star Fox2:26
04)One Ring To Rule Them All(Lord Of The Ring)Lord of the Rings2:24
05)Welcome To The Yoshi's Island(Super Mario World)Super Mario World1:46
06)The Island March To the WarSuper Mario World2:39
07)Decadence Of God-Philharmonic Version(Breath Of Fire2)Breath of Fire 21:33
08)The Death Mountain(Legend Of Zelda)The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2:18
09)The Ship Of The Lost Vikings(Lost Vikings2)The Lost Vikings 21:58
10)Lucca And Frog In A Trial(Chrono Trigger Medley)Chrono Trigger4:30
11)The Dance Of The Devil's Dolls Calbrena(Final FantasyIV)Final Fantasy IV1:27