NES Cult Armageddon
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Release date: 2009-03-23
Region: Chile
Artist: ThePlasmas
Arranged by: ThePlasmas
Performed by: ThePlasmas
Format: Digital
Total length: 68:47

NES Cult Armageddon


Track list

01)In Lalivero The Cult Begins1:10
02)Troubles In Abel City9:01
03)Ice ClimbersIce Climbers1:19
04)Metal GearMeta Gear5:12
05)Zero Against Neo Arcadia10:45
06)Kid IcarusKid Icarus2:06
07)King Bowser's Evil CastleSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World4:48
08)Cult At The Millenarian FairChrono Trigger1:32
09)Simon's QuestCastlevania 24:40
10)Adventure IslandAdventure Island1:28
11)The Ultimate Team4:49
12)Sonic The Blue HedgehogSonic The Hedgehog 2:09
13)Demon's Crest4:52
14)The Legend Of ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda3:57
15)Te (GRIND) TrisTetris0:32
16)KONGDonkey Kong Country8:59
17)Finally The Cult Is EarthBoundEarthbound1:28