No Mercy / Super Mario Bros.
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Region: USA
Composed by: Alan Silvestri
Format: CD
Discs: 1

No Mercy / Super Mario Bros.


Yet another compilation CD with Mario songs, but this one is pretty interesting. About half of this CD contains the score to the Super Mario Bros. movie, and the other half is the score to "No Mercy," whatever that movie is. Not to be confused with the SMB Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, this is the actual background music from key scenes in the movie.

Good luck finding this one; it is a limited edition with only 500 copies made.

Track list

01)Main Title [MP3 sample]
02)Drive To Work On Instinct
03)The Mario Brothers Invite Daisy
04)Arrival To Koopa City
05)King Koopa And Lena / The Super Koopa Cousins
06)Plumbers Reward
07)Mario And Luigi Arrested
08)Super Mario Bros. Theme / Police Car Chase
09)Lena Detects Princess Daisy
10)Koopa's Command / Daisy and Lena
11)Yoshi Appears / Descending From Dinosaurs
13)De-Evolution / Mario Vs. Koopa
15)Daisy Is Back
16)Suite From Super Mario Bros.
17)Main Title
18)The Barge
19)The Delivery
20)River Crash
21)After Glow
22)Like Your Friend
23)Losudo's Woman
24)Michel Arrives
26)Blue Parrol
27)I Was Late
28)What Do You Say?
29)No Mercy