Copyright Infringement
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Release date: 2013-08-01
Region: USA
Artist: Orchestral Bits and Bytes
Arranged by: Orchestral Bits and Bytes
Performed by: Orchestral Bits and Bytes
Format: Digital
Total length: 63:55

Copyright Infringement


Track list

1)Rex Chance at Your Service! - Impossible Creatures (Theme)Impossible Creatures2:33
2)Dunder Mifflin, INC. - The Office (Theme)The Office2:01
3)Welcome to Possum Lodge - The Red Green Show (Theme)1:09
4)Out of the Caves - Cave Story (Theme)Cave Story2:27
5)Into the Wasteland - Fallout 3 (Theme)Fallout 31:55
6)Fk Vlro Aobxjp - Gravity Falls (Theme)Gravity Falls2:04
7)40% Tubular Bells - Futurama (Theme)Futurama3:33
8)Speeding through the Stardust - Sonic The Hedgehog (Starlight Zone)Sonic The Hedgehog 1:22
9)Industrial Labyrinth - Sonic The Hedgehog (Scrap Brain Zone)Sonic The Hedgehog 1:28
10)TORNADO DOWN - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sky Chase Zone / Wing Fortress Zone)Sonic The Hedgehog 22:22
11)An Evening at the Circus - Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Carnival Night Zone)Sonic The Hedgehog 32:10
12)Sleeping Strings - Animusic (Pipe Dream)Animusic3:22
13)Time And Relative Dimensions In Space - Doctor Who (Theme)Doctor Who2:51
14)Caboose Washer - Lionel Traintown, The Incredible Machine: Contraptions (Mellow Jazz)Lionel Traintown
The Incredible Machine: Contraptions
15)Winston's been hit." - Half-Life 2 (Triage at Dawn)Half-Life 2 (Triage at Dawn)4:25
16)Tinkle Popo's Dreamland - Kirby's Adventure (Medley)Kirby's Adventure6:36
17)The Hidden Melody - Luigi's Mansion (Controls, Totaka's Song)Luigi's Mansion1:48
18)The Celestial Overture - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Medley)My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic8:36
19)The Legend Lives - The Legend Of Zelda (Medley)The Legend of Zelda5:42
20)Thank You So Much A-For-To Playing My Songs - Super Mario 64 (Credits)Super Mario 645:30