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Album info
Release date: 2011-11-22
Region: USA
Artist: MusicalWolfe
Arranged by: MusicalWolfe
Performed by: MusicalWolfe
Format: Digital
Total length: 46:32
Website: musicalwolfe.bandcamp.com


Track list

01)Opening Theme1:29
02)Level 1 Theme1:23
03)Winter Wrap Up Orchestrated2:39
04)Duck Tales - The Moon OrchestratedDuckTales2:08
05)Train Theme0:53
06)Super Mario Elevator RemixSuper Mario Bros.1:35
07)Orchestral 11:36
08)Orchestral 21:40
09)Orchestral 30:57
10)Orchestral 42:45
11)Orchestral 51:19
12)Orchestral 61:18
13)Snow Song1:11
14)Boss Battle0:55
17)Yoshi's IslandSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island0:48
19)Euphony of the Hero2:13
20)Bowser in the SkySuper Mario 641:15
21)Frets and Riffs2:57
22)Experiments with Discord1:02
23)Winter in the Meadow1:29
24)Winter Wrap Up Piano Suite in B Major2:34
25)The Winter Path Home2:27
26)Braid Reorchestrated - Lullaby SetBraid2:27
27)Level Complete2:23
28)Winter Wrap Up Elevator Remix1:41