Kong in Concert
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Publisher: OverClocked ReMix
Catalog #: OCRA-0002
Release date: 2004-09-12
Region: USA
Artist: Various
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Format: Digital
Discs: 2
Total length: 40:52, 46:43
Website: dkcproject.ocremix.org

Kong in Concert


Track list

Disc 1
01)Godiva in the Desert (Theme)3:52
02)Swing, Monkey, Swing (Simian Segue)3:26
03)West Coast DK Island (DK Island Swing)4:01
04)Rest and (Re)spite on a Soft Summer Night (Cranky's Theme)1:55
05)Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain (Cave Dweller Concert)4:57
06)One Zero One (Bonus Room Blitz)3:51
07)Beneath the Surface (Aquatic Ambiance)6:21
08)Funky Monkey Love (Candy's Love Song)4:40
08)Boiling Point (Bad Boss Boogie)1:49
09)Mine Cart Misadventure (Mine Cart Madness)6:00
Disc 2
01)Echoes (Life in the Mines)3:49
02)Idols of Hanuman (Voices of the Temple)2:41
03)Faunaphonic (Forest Frenzy)2:46
04)Arboreal Ascent (Treetop Rock)3:27
05)Aerofunknamics (Funky's Fugue)3:29
06)Clouded Mind and Ringing Ears (Misty Menace)3:48
07)Chekan Winter (Northern Hemispheres)6:52
09)dolilop do wop (Ice Cave Chant)3:13
10)Machina Anesthesia (Fear Factory)4:55
11)Pirate Prelude (Gang-Plank Galleon Pt 1)0:43
12)Thrash the Plank (Gang-Plank Galleon Pt 2)3:31
22)Rare Reminiscence (The Credits Concerto)7:29