Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber
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Album info
Publisher: OverClocked ReMix
Catalog #: OCRA-0048
Release date: 2014-06-16
Region: USA
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Arranged by: Mikeaudio, halc, Argle, Sir Jordanius, Theory of N, Nutritious, Electric Concerto, G-Mixer, Sole Signal, Fishy, Fratto, prophetik, Brandon Strader, The Coop, Scaredsim, Tuberz McGee
Format: Digital
Discs: 2
Total length: 1:23:14


Track list

1)The Strange Green Pipe (Opening, File Select, Koopa's Road, Inside the Castle Walls)5:27
1)Sunken Secrets (Dire, Dire Docks)4:04
2)The Third Dimension (Title Theme)4:11
2)Boo's Cues (Haunted House)4:45
3)Roads to Everywhere (File Select)3:52
3)junkie (Super Mario 64 Main Theme)2:31
4)Peach's House Party (Inside the Castle Walls)5:44
4)Prog Mario (Metallic Mario)3:37
5)Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb-omb (Super Mario 64 Main Theme)3:08
5)Mari-O-Round (Merry-Go-Round)1:49
6)Through the Flames (Lethal Lava Land)3:05
6)Grab the Blue Coin! (Cave Dungeon)6:37
7)Supersnowman (Snow Mountain)3:53
7)Perilous Pathway (Koopa's Road)4:14
8)Hush Hour (Slider)3:31
8)So Long-eh, Bowser! (Ultimate Koopa)3:45
9)Find the Red Coin (Cave Dungeon)4:13
9)See You Next Time (Staff Roll)3:55
10)Wings to the Sky (Powerful Mario)3:01
10)Do Piranha Plants Dream of Electric Italians? (Piranha Plant's Lullaby)3:48
11)Devastation's Duel (Koopa's Theme, Koopa's Road, Ultimate Koopa)4:04