BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III
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Publisher: OverClocked ReMix
Catalog #: OCRA-0056
Release date: 2016-03-08
Region: USA
Artist: OverClocked ReMix Community
Arranged by: OverClocked ReMix Community
Performed by: OverClocked ReMix Community
Format: Digital
Discs: 2
Total length: 43:28, 41:55

BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III


Track list

1)Monument of Non-Existence (Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI)Final Fantasy VI8:36
1)Opening the Way (Colossi - Shadow of the Colossus)Shadow of the Colossus4:18
2)Zeromus Sum Game (Zeromus - Final Fantasy IV)Final Fantasy IV3:27
2)The Dark Defender (Magus - Chrono Trigger)Chrono Trigger3:10
3)Darksightedness (Dark Bowser - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story4:23
3)(Progeny) Of a Frail Humanity (Albert Wesker - Resident Evil series)Resident Evil (series)2:55
4)The Metal Emperor (Machinedramon - Digimon World)Digimon World2:43
4)Fortress of Doom (Koopalings - Super Mario World)Super Mario World4:15
5)Warriors of Shredder (Slash - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III4:04
5)Molgera's Love (Molgera - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker3:26
6)Jaded by Death (Deathevan - Breath of Fire II)Breath of Fire II4:05
6)Mad Jack's Drop (Mad Jack - Donkey Kong 64)Donkey Kong 643:17
7)Crescendo to Chaos (Rival - Pokémon Red Version)Pokemon Red3:46
7)Twisted Rebirth (Dark Samus - Metroid Prime series)Metroid Prime (series)3:36
8)The Power (Grahf - Xenogears)Xenogears4:23
8)Soiled by the Egyptians (Orbot Purple - Vectorman series)Vectorman3:10
9)Amputate Your Metal (Big Bertha - Wild Guns)Wild Guns4:05
9)Become Death (Metalhead - Vectorman)Vectorman5:40
10)Are You BadAss? (Sturm - Advance Wars)Advance Wars3:59
10)Seed of Perdition (Lavos - Chrono Trigger)Chrono Trigger8:11