Super Mario RPG: Window to the Stars
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Publisher: OverClocked ReMix
Catalog #: OCRA-0061
Release date: 2017-01-31
Region: USA
Artist: OverClocked ReMix Community
Arranged by: OverClocked ReMix Community
Produced by: Director: Dustin Lagaly (Theory of N)
Format: Digital
Discs: 3
Total length: 41:43, 43:05, 42:43

Super Mario RPG: Window to the Stars


Track list

1)Super Mega Ultra Pipe House (Super Pipe House)3:21
1)Shell Warfare (Fight Against Monsters)2:42
1)Happy Sun, Delightful Waves (Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure)2:36
2)Ready to Go (Let's Try)2:58
2)A Night Out with Koopa (Fight Against Bowser)3:43
2)Riptide Rush (Let's Go Down the Wine River)3:36
3)Floor Is Lava (Barrel Volcano)4:38
3)Fight Against a Somewhat Delicious Cake (Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster)3:18
3)Electric Monstro Carnival (Our Paradise -Monstro Town-)3:27
4)Flowers, Peace & Rosy Cheeks (The Road Is Full of Dangers)2:30
4)Dungeon Full of Glitches (The Dungeon Is Full of Monsters)4:46
4)Honky Town (Rose Town)2:38
5)You Dirty, You Nasty, But You Mine (Moleville Mountain Railroad)3:41
5)Variations in Melancholy Minor (Sad Song)7:19
5)Happy Times Are Back Again (Hello, Happy Kingdom)4:54
6)All Bark and No Bite (Beware the Forest's Mushrooms)3:35
6)The Usurper Queen (Margarie Margarita)3:14
6)A Yo'ster Sunset (Welcome to Yo'ster Island!!)3:29
7)Tricky Labyrinth (Welcome to Booster Tower)3:50
7)Club King Bowser [Bowser's Keep (Second Time)]4:20
7)Ragga Moles Are Cool Moles (Hard-Working Moles Are Good Moles)2:08
8)Lies My Snifits Told Me (And My Name's Booster)4:32
8)Weapons of Mass Production (Weapons Factory, Fight Against Culex)4:45
8)Froggie Drinks for Everyone! (Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles)2:58
9)Oyster Me Timbers (Sunken Ship)2:46
9)Inside Smithy's Head (Fight Against Smithy)3:30
9)Nimbus Can Wait (Let's Do the Fluff-Fluff!)5:06
10)Pipe Funk (Hello from Inside the Earthen Pipe)3:26
10)Agent Smithy (Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming)5:31
10)Matrimony Mixset (The Marrymore Bell Rings)4:07
11)Just One Wish (The Starlight's Flower Shines on Star Hill)3:14
11)Send the Last One Way Up High! (Goodbye Geno...)3:28
12)Still, the Road Is Full of Klezmorim (Still, the Road Is Full of Dangers)3:18
12)Toadofunksky (You and Toadofsky Create Exquisite Music)4:22