Candy Corn III: Direct to Video
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Publisher: OCRemix
Catalog #: OCRI-0013
Release date: 2018-10-31
Region: USA
Artist: YoshiBlade, Stephen Kelly, Bryan Kelly, Abigail Endsley
Arranged by: YoshiBlade
Format: Digital
Total length: 34:10:00

Candy Corn III: Direct to Video


Track list

1)Scene 1: Mars Bars and Mysteries1:36
2)Street Lamps & Palm Trees (Kingdom Hearts)Kingdom Hearts4:00
3)Scene 2: Caramel and Costumes1:34
4)Python Man (Mega Man 6)Mega Man 65:34
5)Scene 3: Snickers and Scares1:40
6)Envenomation (Mega Man 3)Mega Man 35:36
7)Scene 4: Pop Rocks and Pranks1:41
8)Tilt & Drift (Mario Kart DS)Mario Kart DS3:41
9)Scene 5: Nutter Butters and Neighbors0:50
10)05:01pm (Animal Crossing)Animal Crossing3:48
11)Scene 6: Candy Corn and Conclusions (Final Fantasy VI)Final Fantasy VI4:10