Optimus Chad Sells Out
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Release date: 2017-06-02
Region: USA
Artist: Optimus Chad
Arranged by: Optimus Chad
Performed by: Optimus Chad
Format: Digital
Total length: 18:50:00
Website: recordingunderwater.bandcamp.com

Optimus Chad Sells Out


Track list

1)The not so FINAL...Fantasy IntroFinal Fantasy2:13
2)Bruce Wayne for NintendoBatman2:15
3)Cloud's Fight Song (FF7 B4ttl3)Final Fantasy VII2:51
4)Howard the Duck Tales (m00n)Ducktales2:39
5)Chrono Triggered (That's not pc BRO)Chrono Trigger2:31
6)Mario Self-LoathesSuper Mario Bros.1:27
7)Trust Never Rusts2:34
8)Castlevania Ballad of a Vampire KillerCastlevania2:23