Of The Remixed
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Release date: 2012-01-01
Region: USA
Artist: Elliptisoar
Arranged by: Elliptisoar
Performed by: Elliptisoar
Format: Digital
Total length: 1:13:46
Website: elliptisoar.bandcamp.com

Of The Remixed


Track list

01)At The Gala (House Remix)7:15
02)Playing With Fire (House Remix)5:04
03)Winter Wrap Up (House Remix)6:25
04)PewDiePie! (DnB Remix)5:19
05)My Little Dashie (House Remix)7:03
06)Strobe (DnB Remix)4:02
07)Super Mario 64Super Mario 645:00
08)Dreams Of Colour (Vocal Cover)3:38
09)Obsolete (Brostep Remix)3:50
10)Clash (Extended Edit)5:48
12)Rainbow Factory (Drumstep Cover)4:00
13)Bad Wolf3:39
14)Here We Go5:10
15)The Answer (Elliptisoar Remix)4:16