Yoshi's Story Original Soundtrack
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Publisher: Pony Canyon
Catalog #: PCCG-00438
Release date: 1998-02-04
Region: Japan
Composed by: Kazumi Totaka
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 68:51

Yoshi's Story Original Soundtrack


Track list

02)Yoshi Story1:15
03)Yoshi's Song2:51
04)Yoshi on the Beach2:54
05)Yoshi Curry3:26
06)Yo-Yo-Yoshi! [MP3 sample]2:34
07)Yoshi Standing in the Wind2:15
08)Sneak into the Tall Tower!2:07
09)Alpine Yoshi Music2:25
10)Come Again Yoshi3:25
11)Jungle Yoshi Fever2:16
12)Yoshi on the Seabed2:07
13)Pelican Yoshi Athletic2:05
14)Little Tough Guys0:54
15)Dub Master Minobon0:42
16)The Story's Beginning0:07
17)Page 1: Beginning0:28
18)Page 2: Trapped0:31
19)Page 3: Clouds0:33
20)Page 4: Jungle0:39
21)Page 5: Sea0:47
22)Page 6: The End0:33
23)30 Fruits!!0:12
24)Yoshi's Mood1:05
25)Growing a Little Happier Again0:36
26)Into the Boss Room0:12
27)Boss Appears!0:28
28)Duel with the Boss1:45
29)Yoshi's Victory!0:18
30)Yoshi's Disco [MP3 sample]1:23
31)Baby Koopa's Castle2:37
32)The Riddle of Baby Koopa's Castle1:22
33)Baby Koopa Appears!0:47
34)Duel with Baby Koopa2:02
35)Baby Koopa Strikes Back1:15
36)Yoshi's Victory! ~ Baby Koopa's Bluff0:53
37)Baby Koopa Escapes0:15
38)Yoshi's Happiness1:24
39)Let's Try!0:44
40)Aim for the 7 Melons0:42
42)Obtaining 7 Melons!0:42
43)Falling Down0:16
44)Everyone Is Gone0:19
45)Thank You White Heiho0:13
46)Yoshi Room1:04
47)Which "Option"?0:37
48)Yoshi's Story3:37
49)Yoshi's Staff1:29
50)The Voices of Yoshi's Staff (Bonus Track)7:29