Songs From a Nightmare
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Release date: 2016-01-12
Region: USA
Artist: Pixel Mixers
Arranged by: Pixel Mixers
Performed by: Pixel Mixers
Format: Digital
Discs: 2
Total length: 68:93, 71:12

Songs From a Nightmare


Track list

1)Silent Hill 4 - Tender SugarSilent Hill 45:29
1)Silent Hill 2 - MedleySilent Hill 20:18
2)Adventure in the Magic Kingdom - 999 GhostsAdventure in the Magic Kingdom3:04
2)Dino Crisis - Save RoomDino Crisis1:52
3)Castlevania Rondo of Blood - Divine BloodlinesCastlevania Rondo of Blood3:23
3)Castlevania Symphony of the Night - PrayerCastlevania Symphony of the Night2:07
4)Parasite Eve - KyrieParasite Eve4:45
4)Super Metroid - Spore SpawnSuper Metroid3:15
5)Grim Fandango - Manny y MecheGrim Fandango2:17
5)Nightmare Creatures - Graves at HighgateNightmare Creatures4:40
6)Until Dawn - O DeathUntil Dawn2:26
6)Ghost Trick - A Dashing EnigmaGhost Trick3:42
7)Left 4 Dead 2 - Re Your BrainsLeft 4 Dead 22:40
7)Parasite Eve - Missing Perspective & Memory 2Parasite Eve3:42
8)Silent Hill 2 - Promise (Reprise)Silent Hill 21:53
8)Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - Staff RollResident Evil 3 Nemesis2:37
9)Rayman Origins - Land of the Living DeadRayman Origins3:34
9)The Last of Us - The ChoiceThe Last of Us2:24
10)Bioshock - Main ThemeBioshock1:35
10)Luigi's Mansion - Mini MedleyLuigi's Mansion2:35
11)Banjo Kazooie - Mad Monster MansionBanjo Kazooie3:29
11)Dead Space 2 - End CreditsDead Space 22:28
12)Luigi's Mansion - Main ThemeLuigi's Mansion3:30
12)Silent Hill - OthersideSilent Hill2:30
13)Corpse Party - Chapter 1 & 5Corpse Party5:50
13)Medievil - Cemetery HillMedievil2:36
14)Pokemon - Lavender TownPokemon5:07
14)Nightmare Creatures - Third Boss ThemeNightmare Creatures3:19
15)Resident Evil 2 - Save RoomResident Evil 23:00
15)Castlevania - Dance of IllusionsCastlevania5:14
16)Majora's Mask - Ikana ValleyMajora's Mask4:24
16)Deadly Premonition - The Woods and the GoddessDeadly Premonition3:53
17)Alice Madness Returns - Jack SplatterAlice Madness Returns3:59
18)Silent Hill - Main ThemeSilent Hill4:36
19)Final Fantasy VII - Trail of BloodFinal Fantasy VII3:38