Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD
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Publisher: Nintendo
Catalog #: N/A
Region: Japan
Composed by: Yuka Tsujiyoko
Format: CD
Discs: 2
Total length: 69:17,73:31

Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD


Track list

Disc 1
01)Story of the Stolen Spirits2:08
02)Main Title1:54
03)A Party at Peach's Castle1:43
04)Mario's Theme1:37
05)March Ahead1:38
06)Goomba Village Theme1:44
07)Battle Fanfare1:29
08)Hey You!1:11
09)Gates of Goomba Castle1:21
10)Goomba King's Decree1:13
11)Toad Town Theme2:20
12)Shy Guy Riot2:05
13)Nice to Meet You1:17
14)A Kingdom in Chaos1:57
15)Fuzzys Stole My Shell1:21
16)Koopa Village Theme1:48
17)Koopa Bros. Fortress2:17
18)Bill Blaster! Go Faster!1:23
19)Koopa Bros. Keep Cool1:37
20)Trojan Bowser1:15
21)Attack of the Koopa Bros.2:13
22)Toad Town Variations4:45
23)Mt. Rugged Theme1:25
24)Dry Dry Desert Trek2:04
25)Mysterious Dry Dry Outpost1:29
26)Dry Dry Ruins Quest2:17
27)Chomp Attack1:29
28)Forever Forest Theme2:00
29)Approach to the Mansion2:05
30)Boo's Mansion Theme1:34
31)Gusty Gulch Adventure2:15
32)Tubba Blubba's Castle2:08
33)The Castle Crumbles1:38
34)Tubba's Heart2:06
35)Ghost Gulping1:39
36)Shy Guys Toy Box1:42
37)All Board!1:28
38)General Guy's March0:49
39)Keeping Pace1:53
Disc 2
01)Princess in Distress1:22
02)Hang in There, Peach!1:26
03)Twink's Theme0:48
04)Jade Jungle Theme1:39
05)Welcome to Yoshi's Village3:13
06)Search for the Fearsome 51:23
07)Raphael the Raven1:57
08)Hot Times in Mt. Lavalava1:44
09)Escape from Mt. Lavalava1:38
10)Lava Piranha Attack1:37
11)Go! Mario! Go!1:40
12)Clouds over Flower Fields1:47
13)Flower Field Rondo2:09
14)Lakilester the Great!2:19
15)Huff N. Puff's Theme1:58
16)Huffin' and Puffin'1:53
17)Cold Reception in Shiver City1:36
18)Detective Mario2:19
19)Snow Road1:39
20)Starborn Valley Trail1:11
21)Over Shiver Mountain1:34
22)Crystal Palace Crawl1:58
24)A City in the Stars1:26
25)Shooting Star Summit1:49
26)Star Way1:09
28)Siege on Bowser's Castle2:52
29)Angry Bowser1:49
30)Bowser's Rage1:53
31)Wish of the Princess1:47
32)King of the Koopas2:01
33)Beware! Bowser's Castle!0:25
34)Star Spirit's Request1:30
35)Goodbye, Twink!1:56
36)Princess Peach Saved!1:57
37)Victory Parade4:58
38)The Celebration Continues3:02
39)Mario and Peach's Theme3:05