Project Nightmare 2.0 TURBO: Mario Version
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Release date: 2010-08-15
Region: USA
Artist: MC Larny
Performed by: MC Larny
Format: Digital
Total length: 19:40

Project Nightmare 2.0 TURBO: Mario Version


Track list

01)World 1-1 (Beatbox)Super Mario Bros.1:50
02)Dire Dire Docks [Quiet Mix]Super Mario 642:15
03)Weapons FactorySuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 3:38
04)The Illusionary Forest [Interlude]Super Mario World1:05
05)The Ruins of The SandsSuper Mario Land4:12
06)Bowser's Castle/Beatbox BattleSuper Mario World3:47
07)I Saved the Princess/Game OverSuper Mario Land2:53