Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version
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Publisher: NTT Publishing
Catalog #: PSCN-5047~8
Release date: 1996-03-25
Region: Japan
Composed by: Koji Kondo, Yoko Shimomura, Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by: Yoko Shimomura
Format: CD
Discs: 2
Total length: 51:09,52:29

Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version


Track list

Disc 1
01)Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure [MP3 sample]3:37
02)Let's Try1:09
03)In The Flower Garden0:30
04)Koopa Castle0:40
05)Fight Against Koopa1:06
06)The Sword Descends And The Stars Scatter0:39
07)Super Pipe House1:37
08)Where Am I Going?0:39
09)The Road Is Full Of Dangers1:38
10)Fight Against Monsters [MP3 sample]1:15
12)Hello, Happy Kingdom2:32
14)A New Partner0:05
15)Still, The Road Is Full Of Dangers1:48
16)Invincible Star0:19
17)Fight Against A Somewhat Stronger Monster1:21
18)Here's Some Weapons!1:28
19)Fight Against An Armed Boss2:02
20)Got A Star Piece0:34
21)The Dungeon Is Full Of Monsters1:16
22)Let's Go Down The Wine River1:18
23)Grandpa And The Delightful Tadpoles0:49
25)Sad Song1:01
26)Let's Play "Geno"1:22
27)Geno Awakens1:28
28)Beware The Forest's Mushrooms2:12
29)Rose Town1:10
30)From Inside The Earthen Pipe1:09
31)Welcome! Yo'ster Island!!1:45
32)Let's Race1:00
33)Hard-Working Moles Are Good Moles1:40
34)Docaty Mountain Railroad2:32
35)Welcome To Bukki Tower1:42
36)And My Name's Bukki2:11
37)Long Long Ago...1:39
38)Heart Beating A Little Faster0:45
Disc 2
01)The Merry Mary Bell Rings2:33
03)The Starlight's Flower1:21
04)Sunken Ship3:04
05)Going Shopping in Ripple Town1:34
06)My Paradise -Monstro Town-3:39
07)Fight Against Culex2:28
08)Victory Over Culex0:51
09)Conversation With Culex1:24
10)You And Toadofski Create Exquisite Music0:28
11)Let's Do The Fooka-Fooka!3:06
12)Margarie Margarita2:15
13)Dodo's Coming!!0:57
14)Barrel Volcano1:57
15)The Axem Rangers Drop In1:20
16)Koopa Castle3:01
17)Weapons Factory2:59
18)Fight Against Kajio [MP3 sample]2:10
19)Fight Against Kajio, Who Likes Transforming2:40
20)Goodbye Geno... ~ Seeing Dreams Through The Window Of The Stars4:23
21)Happy Parade, Delightful Parade ~ And the Parade Draws to a Close...6:09
22)The End!3:45