Super Psyguy Bros.
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Release date: 2011-05-31
Region: USA
Artist: Psyguy
Arranged by: Psyguy
Performed by: Psyguy
Format: Digital
Total length: 45:17


Track list

1)Blue Yellow Red (Dr. Mario)Dr. Mario2:38
2)Waltz of the forest (Super Mario RPG)Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 3:10
3)Chemical Club (Sonic 2)Sonic 24:23
4)Cluck Alert! (Sonic Spinball)Sonic Spinball3:41
5)Falcon Butter (Kirby)Kirby3:30
6)Kaiser's Castle (Ristar)Ristar4:03
7)The Fifth Stage (Sonic 2)Sonic the Hedgehog 22:52
8)Left Right (Punch Out)Punch-Out!!1:40
9)I'm afraid of lightning (Sonic OVA)2:40
10)Mean and Bean (Mean Bean Machine)Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine2:06
11)Phantom of the SNES (Mario Paint)Mario Paint2:26
12)Ending Beginning (Sonic 1)Sonic The Hedgehog 2:05
13)Most Famous (Sonic 1)Sonic The Hedgehog 3:55
14)After Turquoise (Sonic Chaos)Sonic Chaos4:00
15)Hail the Dark Witch (Wario Ware)WarioWare: Touched!2:09