Super Psyguy Bros. 2
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Release date: 2012-07-23
Region: USA
Artist: Psyguy
Arranged by: Psyguy
Performed by: Psyguy
Format: Digital
Total length: 48:49


Track list

1)Chase a Mirage (Zelda)The Legend of Zelda4:12
2)Fatherland (Skyrim)Skyrim3:18
3)Dream Island (Zelda)The Legend of Zelda2:38
4)Prince Zeal (Chrono Trigger)Chrono Trigger3:15
5)III (Metroid)Metroid2:59
6)Derpy De Chocobo Inst. (FF)2:29
7)Before the Machine (Sonic Spinball)2:04
8)Career Man Inst. (MM)Mega Man2:10
9)Pills There (Dr. Mario)Dr. Mario2:27
10)Rarity Tears 2.0 inst. (Castlevania)Castlevania2:15
11)Flutterman 2.0 Inst. (MM)Mega Man2:08
12)Rainbow Generations Inst. (Sonic)2:37
13)Confetti and Balloons (Sonic)2:38
14)Basic Controls Inst. (Sonic)2:22
15)Fell Apart (Sonic)2:01
16)Salamander Day (Seiken Densetsu 3)2:48
17)Super Twilight 64 Inst. (Mario)Super Mario 642:20
18)Vs. Metal (Sonic)1:44
19)Pinkie's Adventure Inst. (Kirby)2:26