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Release date: 2009-07-28
Region: Chile
Artist: ThePlasmas
Arranged by: ThePlasmas
Performed by: ThePlasmas
Format: Digital
Total length: 41:39



Track list

01)Run Kirby RunKirby Super Star2:20
02)Target: CorneriaStar Fox2:24
03)Zero's Fury UnleashedMega Man X – X32:42
04)Let's Go To The Fair Chrono!Chrono Trigger1:47
05)Wolf By Night, Human In DreamsKiller Instinct2:06
06)Ridin' Enguarde Through Aquatic AmbiencesDonkey Kong Country4:14
07)Trapped In The Hangar Of HellDoom1:48
08)Little Dragons & Bubbles EverywhereBubble Bobble0:45
09)Blooper DanceSuper Mario Bros. 32:16
10)Death WindF-Zero3:00
11)Magikoopa Waits For UsSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island2:54
12)Kremling Factory IncDonkey Kong Country2:17
13)Koopalings In The SkySuper Mario Bros. 31:53
14)Demons And Zombies Have Stolen My ClothesGhosts 'n Goblins2:01
15)What A Horrible Night To Have A CurseCastlevania II: Simon's Quest2:37
16)A Fairytale About Dungeons And RupeesThe Legend of Zelda3:19
17)Towards The Doom CastleFinal Fantasy Mystic Quest2:31
18)Play Them Off Keyboard Cat!0:45