Random Gamer Memories
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Release date: 2012
Region: France
Artist: CarboHydroM
Arranged by: CarboHydroM
Performed by: CarboHydroM
Format: Digital
Website: carbohydrom.net

Random Gamer Memories


Track list

)Trinity RushSparkster3:54
)Return To The VoidThunder Force III3:56
)A New BeginningMega Man 93:16
)Heart CannonMega Man II2:24
)Sounds Of LibertyMetal Gear Solid I & II4:28
)Far Beyond HeavensThunder Force V & VI4:35
)NemesisSuper Mario Galaxy 22:43
)Starshine On The RocksSuper Aleste3:35
)Call Out The DragonDouble Dragon II : The Revenge3:14
)The Strike Of The Devil's AxesTales of Symphonia5:18
)White Feather In The StormSuper Mario Galaxy3:56
)Let The Pain OutGoldeneye 0072:52
)Desperate ChaseLifeforce2:32
)Sword Of HopeThe Legend of Zelda3:52
)Until Day BreakCastlevania 32:30
)Killer PawnMega Man II & III4:17
)The Girl And The WolfMr Nutz3:33
)Open FutureZero Wing4:00
)Sweet Memories Of EarthDuckTales2:35
)Toward The DownfallZelda 2: The Adventure of Link2:27
)If I Had WheelsMario Kart 642:20
)HollowMega Man 32:30
)Rising SunKingdom Hearts2:38
)Shell RiderSuper Mario Bros.2:03
)Like Father Like SonStar Fox2:10
)StarFox ForeverStar Fox2:40
)StarFox ForeverStar Fox2:40
)How Did The Cat Get So FatChip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers2:08
)UnsealedThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past19:14
)Winter Of WhistlersSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island1:35
)Saber BirdIkaruga2:36
)Penguin CapSuper Mario 642:52
)Ride The StarKirby Superstar2:38
)Dual StormThunder Force III3:44
)The Nine Tails Fox And The AvengerStreet Fighter II3:32
)Nuklear DukeDuke Nukem 3D2:43
)Secret 1000cc ModeSuper Mario Kart1:42
)See You TomorrowMega Man2:13
)Limitless SkiesSpace Harrier3:54
)Fight OnFinal Fantasy VII3:12