Famicom Sound History Series: Mario the Music
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Publisher: Scitron Digital Contents
Catalog #: SCDC-00360
Release date: 2004-07-22
Region: Japan
Composed by: Koji Kondo, et al.
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 72:04

Famicom Sound History Series: Mario the Music


Finally, a compilation of some of the best Mario music from his time on the NES (Nintendo Famicom in Japan). Not surprisingly, Super Mario Bros. 3 music makes up the bulk of this CD. Another big chunk belongs to classic tunes from Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, and Yoshi's Cookie—music not often found on soundtrack CDs.

All SMB3 tracks are in the same order as on Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Super Mario Bros. 3. For Mario the Music, some tracks were lengthened to include the "Warning" and "Hurry Up" music.

Track list

01)Title BGMMario Bros.0:14
02)Game Start A ~ Miss ~ Clear ~ Game Start B ~ Restart ~ ExtendMario Bros.0:21
03)Bonus Stage ~ Perfect ~ Game OverMario Bros.0:19
04)Aboveground BGM ~ Warning ~ Aboveground BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros.5:17
05)Course Clear Fanfare ~ Scene Change BGMSuper Mario Bros.0:13
06)Underground BGM ~ Warning ~ Underground BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros.1:07
07)Bonus Stage / Invincible BGM ~ Warning ~ Bonus Stage BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros.0:46
08)Miss ~ Game OverSuper Mario Bros.0:14
09)Underwater BGM ~ Warning ~ Underwater BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros.1:55
10)Koopa Stage BGM ~ Warning ~ Koopa Stage BGM (Hurry Up!) ~ Koopa Defeated FanfareSuper Mario Bros.1:04
11)Ending BGMSuper Mario Bros.0:37
12)Ending BGMSuper Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)1:03
13)World 1 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:40
14)Aboveground BGM ~ Warning ~ Aboveground BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 32:01
15)Invincible BGM ~ Warning ~ Invincible BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 30:23
16)MissSuper Mario Bros. 30:04
17)World 2 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:29
18)Athletic BGM ~ Warning ~ Athletic BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 32:21
19)Course Clear FanfareSuper Mario Bros. 30:05
20)World 3 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:37
21)Underwater BGM ~ Warning ~ Underwater BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 32:13
22)Music BoxSuper Mario Bros. 30:45
23)Slot BGM / Nervous Breakdown BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:21
24)World 4 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:37
25)Underground BGM ~ Warning ~ Underground BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 31:33
26)World 5 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:38
27)Enemy Battle ~ Warning ~ Enemy Battle (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 31:19
28)Toad's HouseSuper Mario Bros. 30:37
29)World 6 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:37
30)Fortress BGM ~ Warning ~ Fortress BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 31:35
31)Fortress Boss ~ Warning ~ Fortress Boss (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 31:32
32)Fireworks FanfareSuper Mario Bros. 30:06
33)Flute Sound ~ Warp Island (Map 5 Sky World)Super Mario Bros. 30:32
34)World 7 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:28
35)King's RoomSuper Mario Bros. 30:26
36)Airship BGM ~ Warning ~ Airship BGM (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 32:21
37)World 8 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:45
38)King Koopa ~ Warning ~ King Koopa (Hurry Up!)Super Mario Bros. 31:17
39)Koopa DefeatedSuper Mario Bros. 30:05
40)World Clear FanfareSuper Mario Bros. 30:08
41)EndingSuper Mario Bros. 32:31
42)Game OverSuper Mario Bros. 30:07
43)Title BGMSuper Mario Bros. 20:31
44)Player SelectSuper Mario Bros. 21:03
45)Aboveground BGMSuper Mario Bros. 21:30
46)Underground BGMSuper Mario Bros. 20:56
47)BossSuper Mario Bros. 20:47
48)InvincibleSuper Mario Bros. 20:22
49)Bonus Start ~ Success ~ FailureSuper Mario Bros. 20:08
50)Stage ClearSuper Mario Bros. 20:06
51)Last BossSuper Mario Bros. 20:52
52)EndingSuper Mario Bros. 21:52
53)Game OverSuper Mario Bros. 20:07
54)Title BGMDr. Mario1:11
55)SelectDr. Mario0:27
56)Fever ~ Fever ClearDr. Mario1:38
57)Game Over ~ VS Game OverDr. Mario1:25
58)Chill ~ Chill ClearDr. Mario2:30
59)Level 20 HI Clear (UFO) ~ EndingDr. Mario1:56
60)Title BGMYoshi's Cookie0:34
61)Round StartYoshi's Cookie0:04
62)[1P] Music Type AYoshi's Cookie1:57
63)[1P] Music Type BYoshi's Cookie2:16
64)[1P] Music Type CYoshi's Cookie0:49
65)Round ClearYoshi's Cookie0:11
66)L10 ClearYoshi's Cookie1:07
67)[1P] Music Type D (ROUND11 ~)Yoshi's Cookie1:18
68)Stage ClearYoshi's Cookie0:05
69)Clear (True Ending)Yoshi's Cookie1:07
70)Game OverYoshi's Cookie0:05
71)[VS] Music Type AYoshi's Cookie0:50
72)[VS] PanicYoshi's Cookie0:14
73)[VS] Music Type BYoshi's Cookie0:45
74)[VS] BlindYoshi's Cookie0:25
75)[VS] Music Type CYoshi's Cookie1:28
76)[VS] SlaveYoshi's Cookie0:19
77)[VS] Point Up, Point DownYoshi's Cookie0:05
78)[VS] Point GetYoshi's Cookie0:21
79)[VS] CongratulationYoshi's Cookie0:20