Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Super Mario Bros. 3
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Publisher: Scitron Digital Contents
Catalog #: SDEX-0031
Release date: 2004-04-18
Region: Japan
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 19:38

Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Super Mario Bros. 3


Part of the Game Sound Museum: Famicom Music series, a set of 21 mini CDs (8cm), including "secret" CDs, packaged in a box containing 10 CDs (all different) and some candy. As the name implies, all of the CDs in the series have NES (Famicom) music.

The Super Mario Bros. 3 disc was only released with Nintendo Dream vol. 112. Its tracks would reappear in the same order on the Famicom Sound History Series: Mario the Music compilation, with some tracks lengthened to include the "Warning" and "Hurry Up" music.

We also cover these other discs in the series: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros. / Super Mario USA, Super Mario Bros., and Wrecking Crew.

Track list

01)World 1 Map0:40
02)Aboveground BGM1:06
03)Invincible BGM0:17
05)World 2 Map0:28
06)Athletic BGM1:17
07)Course Clear0:05
08)World 3 Map0:37
09)Underwater BGM1:07
10)Music Box0:45
11)Slot / Nervous Breakdown BGM0:21
12)World 4 Map0:37
13)Underground BGM0:50
14)World 5 Map0:38
15)Enemy Battle0:43
16)Toad's House0:37
17)World 6 Map0:37
18)Fortress BGM0:48
19)Fortress Boss0:48
20)Fireworks Fanfare0:06
21)Flute Sound / Warp Island0:32
22)World 7 Map0:28
23)King's Room0:26
24)Airship BGM1:11
25)World 8 Map0:45
26)King Koopa0:41
27)Koopa Defeated0:06
28)World Clear Fanfare0:08
30)Game Over0:04