Age of Mister Driver
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Release date: 2015-08-17
Region: Portugal
Artist: Shiryu
Arranged by: Shiryu
Performed by: Shiryu
Format: Digital
Total length: 74:43

Age of Mister Driver


Track list

1)Rad Racer MemoriaRad Racer1:21
2)L.E.D. ShirL.E.D. Storm2:47
3)Hang On to the RoadSuper Hang-On4:13
4)HANGSuper Hang-On2:59
5)Magical Shiryu Shower5:38
7)Lotus The Second3:51
8)Lotus The 3rd2:57
9)Let's Go H.Q.2:37
10)Double Rainbow RoadSuper Mario Kart3:26
11)Gear #15:38
12)Gear #25:18
13)Gear #2 Redux4:42
14)Gear #33:59
15)Daytona XXDaytona USA2:17
16)Ridge Racer XXRidge Racer3:24
17)Super Mario Kart SuiteSuper Mario Kart13:59