Melodies From Video Games Past
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Release date: 2015-12-23
Region: Portugal
Artist: Shiryu
Arranged by: Shiryu
Performed by: Shiryu
Format: Digital
Discs: 1
Total length: 148:29

Melodies From Video Games Past


Track list

1)The TurricanTurrican4:24
2)The Galaxy ForceGalaxy Force II3:14
3)The Running PlumberSuper Mario World1:32
4)The Green Hill HedgehogSonic The Hedgehog1:30
5)The Japanese WarriorStreet Fighter II1:50
6)The ShinobiShinobi2:59
7)The People of ActRaiserActRaiser1:37
8)The SpeedballSpeedball4:44
9)The BelmontSuper Castlevania IV2:44
10)The AfterBurnerAfterBurner4:56
11)The Desert RocksTurrican II3:58
12)The Mute CityF-Zero2:04
13)The Ghouls'n'GhostsGhouls'n Ghosts2:03
14)The Battle SquadronBattle Squadron3:56
15)The Ice CountrySecret of Mana1:41
16)The Jungle KongDonkey Kong Country3:01
17)The USAF ColonelStreet Fighter II2:27
18)The PilotwingsPilotwings1:54
19)The OutRunOutRun5:44
20)The Alive BrinstarSuper Metroid2:04
21)The Hyrule CastleZelda Link to the Past2:53
22)The Super AlesteSuper Aleste3:22
23)The Surfing TurtlesTMNT IV Turtles in Time2:40
24)The Super Ghouls'n'GhostsSuper Ghouls'n Ghosts2:21
25)The Cannon FodderCannon Fodder2:39
26)The Streets of RageStreets of Rage1:29
27)The AgonyAgony1:47
28)The Hang-OnSuper Hang-On2:34
29)The Underwater PlumberSuper Mario World1:41
30)The Marble HedgehogSonic The Hedgehog1:39
31)The Resting BudahStreet Fighter II1:46
32)The RevengeRevenge of Shinobi2:04
33)The Northwall of ActRaiserActRaiser3:50
34)The Eternal ChampionEternal Champions2:32
35)The Vampire KillerSuper Castlevania IV2:01
36)The GunstarGunstar Heroes5:52
37)The Secret DungeonsTurrican II7:06
38)The Big BlueF-Zero2:04
39)The Icy Ghouls'n'GhostsSuper Ghouls'n Ghosts2:42
40)The AxelayAxelay2:02
41)The Ice PalaceSecret of Mana3:06
42)The Underwater KongDonkey Kong Country2:35
43)The DreamerStreets of Rage II2:31
44)The CybernatorCybernator2:15
45)The MaridiaSuper Metroid2:35
46)The Lost WoodsZelda Link to the Past1:22
47)The BattletoadsBattletoads in Battlemaniacs4:31
48)The Frozen KongDonkey Kong Country3:31
49)The Space HarrierSpace Harrier9:01
50)The HeroTurrican II3:36