Shiryu's Arcade Volume 1
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Release date: 2010-07-02
Region: Portugal
Artist: Shiryu
Arranged by: Shiryu
Performed by: Shiryu
Format: Digital
Total length: 64:37

Shiryu's Arcade Volume 1


Track list

01)Midnight Resistance 20106:00
02)Beyond the Galaxy (Force 2010)6:48
03)Geoscape MMX8:25
04)Axelay Unkai Revisited4:15
05)Orchestral of Rage5:26
06)Super Aleste Amazonas Revisited3:21
07)Area 88 Frontline Base Assault4:15
08)The Twin Dragons4:35
09)Elektro Beast in the Tree3:57
10)Gradius III Space Bound3:42
11)Tetris A,C,BTetris3:09
12)Super Mario Land SuiteSuper Mario Land6:32
13)Sawic Ein4:12