Shiryu's Arcade Volume 10
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Release date: 2015-05-22
Region: Portugal
Artist: Shiryu
Arranged by: Shiryu
Performed by: Shiryu
Format: Digital
Total length: 2:33:51

Shiryu's Arcade Volume 10


Track list

1)Terra FantasyFinal Fantasy VI5:02
2)Gaia's ThunderSecret of Mana4:15
3)Long Distance to NinjitsuRevenge of Shinobi3:31
4)Two Dragons, One TruckSuper Double Dragon4:07
5)Moon Beach of RageStreets of Rage4:11
6)Gear #2 ReduxTop Gear4:42
7)The 7th SongThe 7th Saga3:12
8)Stickerbrush Monkey MelodyDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest4:52
9)Fields of MontaviaPhantasy Star IV3:25
10)Worm of New Junk CityEarthworm Jim4:15
11)Crystal Chiptune TearsCastlevania: Symphony of the Night3:38
12)The Time TravelersChrono Trigger3:08
13)SonichemicalsSonic the Hedgehog 23:14
14)In The Deeps of MaridiaSuper Metroid6:31
15)Highway To XMega Man X3:12
16)The Reclining TigerStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior2:03
17)Sinking Chiptune SantuaryCastlevania Bloodlines4:28
18)The Island of MonkeysThe Secret of Monkey Island2:53
19)Of Tyrian and ZanacTyrian3:26
20)The Chiptune of Sting2:41
21)The Count's ViolinCastlevania 642:28
22)Allmighty Airborne TurricanTurrican 36:20
23)Still In The StreetsStreets of Rage 23:18
24)SoldierSoldier Blade3:56
25)Brinstar AliveSuper Metroid4:04
26)Gear #3Top Gear3:59
27)Pete's FaultEarthworm Jim3:14
28)Biologic PlantPhantasy Star IV2:16
29)Turtles In Outer SpaceTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time4:03
30)The OverworldTerranigma4:36
31)Will of The NinjaNinja Gaiden4:27
32)Shiryu Must Fall 2097One Must Fall4:11
33)Sky HighU.N. Squadron2:25
34)My Zombie NeighborsZombies Ate My Neighbors2:34
35)TurritrapsTurrican II5:18
36)The Color of the Summer ChiptuneSecret of Mana4:34
37)ActRaiser Suite Act VII: God in the PyramidActRaiser3:38
38)ActRaiser Suite Act VIII: At God's EndActRaiser4:50
39)Game (Never) OverStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior3:06
40)Crockett's Chiptune3:48