Shiryu's Arcade Volume 6
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Release date: 2012-05-11
Region: Portugal
Artist: Shiryu
Arranged by: Shiryu
Performed by: Shiryu
Format: Digital
Total length: 70:29

Shiryu's Arcade Volume 6


Track list

01)Concert for Huelsbeck and Friends4:57
02)Underlogic Rage4:40
03)The Holyman Cometh3:41
04)Kirbylicious (Sucks to be You)Kirby's Dream Land2:25
05)TeknoKongDonkey Kong Country5:26
06)Tal Tal ElectroThe Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening3:41
07)T1 5-13:51
08)Mercenaries For Hire3:53
09)4 Colourbunga3:28
10)Bomberman Parade3:17
11)I Love T.V.3:10
12)Great Orchestral Bath4:27
13)Act IV: God of the Bloodpool2:30
14)Act V: The People of Kasandora4:14
15)Act VI: God of the Northwall3:49
16)The 64k Cybernoid7:44
17)The NL Jingle0:29
18)The Playstation Related Jingle0:38
19)Imperial Chiptunes3:00
20)Star Chiptrek1:09